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Using Laser Treatments for Vaginal Tightening Without Surgery

Until a few years ago, most vaginal rejuvenation and tightening procedures, also referred to as vaginoplasty,

were surgical in nature and involved general anaesthetic, incisions, discomfort, and long recovery times. Fortunately, because of recent technological advances, it is now possible to tighten the vagina with a new laser-based treatment system called IntimaLase, developed by Fotona. It is an effective, safe, and pain-free method that is fast becoming a great alternative to traditional surgeries for correcting vaginal relaxation syndrome and vaginal atrophy.

Vaginal relaxation syndrome is generally caused by multiple vaginal childbirths, which stretch and tear the vaginal canal. Symptoms of this condition are vaginal laxity and looseness from poorly toned vaginal muscles and the increased diameter of the vaginal canal.

Vaginal atrophy typically results from a decrease in blood estrogen levels during menopause. Women post-menopause experience a significant drop in estrogen levels that contribute greatly to the thinning of the vaginal walls and increased dryness.

Kegel exercises can help strengthen pelvic floor muscles, but until recently the cosmetic industry could offer no reliable solutions to restore the thinning walls of the vagina. Now it’s possible to thicken and tighten the vagina tissues with IntimaLase, a non-invasive laser treatment. Vaginal atrophy and laxity can lead to itching and burning sensations as inflammation settles in.

Intercourse can be painful because of the lack of moisture that protects delicate tissues and increases pleasure. With the use of IntimaLase by Fotona, the vaginal tissue is changed on a cellular level to regenerate the vital collagen and elastin that keep vaginal walls toned and tight.

IntimaLase is an incredible but simple-to-use, non-surgical laser procedure that lasts about 15 minutes per treatment session in the office. Patients can expect to be out of the clinic within an hour and back to their daily activities right away. This makes the non-surgical options a much better fit for most people’s lifestyle. During the procedure, a small attachment is inserted into the vagina. The IntimaLase device is specially designed for delicate mucosal tissue and does not hurt.

Short, rapid bursts of thermal energy are directed to the desired area. These emitted wavelengths produce a thermal effect in the vaginal tissues that stimulate collagen remodelling and neogenesis while shrinking vaginal skin cells to produce an overall tightening of the vaginal canal. Although quite comfortable because it is minimally invasive with no cutting involved, during the protocol some patients experience a mild burning or warmth sensation near the vaginal opening.

No side effects or long-lasting post-treatment symptoms have been reported, and patients report almost instant increases in lubrication and vaginal tightness.

Overall, scientific studies have shown that IntimaLase laser treatment as an alternative option for vaginal rejuvenation is highly effective in improving vaginal tightness and sexual enjoyment.

If you are seeking non-surgical options for vaginal rejuvenation and would like to hear more about Fotona’s IntimaLase, please book a private consultation with one of our laser nurses.

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