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Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation: What Is It and How Does It Work?

A woman’s health encompasses all parts of the body, with the health of her vagina being an often overlooked, but important area.

Childbirth, menopause, and aging can all negatively impact the health and function of vaginal tissues, leading to muscle weakness, urinary incontinence, or problems with sexual intercourse. Two common issues regarding vaginal health often result from childbirth and/or menopause. These are vaginal atrophy and vaginal relaxation syndrome.

Vaginal atrophy is characterized by vaginal wall thinning, dryness, and inflammation. It typically results from decreased blood estrogen levels related to normal aging or medications. Vaginal relaxation syndrome occurs due to childbirth, which places a lot of stress on the vaginal canal and muscles. Symptoms of this condition are vaginal laxity, poor tone, strength, and control. The vaginal canal will often increase its internal and external diameters.

Both of these common health conditions cause the vagina to no longer function optimally. As a result, sexual gratification is reduced. Fortunately, leading-edge cosmetic, vaginal rejuvenation therapies have become extremely advanced and adept at solving these problems.

Traditional surgery for vaginal rejuvenation is called a vaginoplasty, which tightens the vaginal walls with surgical incisions. Many women seek non-invasive alternatives to surgery because the risk of complications such as infection and loss of function are too high. They do not want a long recovery, pain, or scars.

Recent technology has developed safe alternatives that allow for the tightening and rejuvenation of the vagina with a painless laser. These are known as laser vaginal rejuvenation. The rates of patient satisfaction are very high, with 95% of women reporting improvement in vaginal tightness and 94% reporting improvement in urinary incontinence after treatment. Through carefully directed thermal energy, collagen and elastin neurogenesis are stimulated in the vaginal walls to thicken and tighten tissue.

The Fotona Smooth Mode erbium laser can address multiple problem areas with one device, no downtime, and no surgery. The specialized treatment types we use are called IncontiLase, IntimaLase, ProlapLase, and RenovaLase. For vaginal laxity and atrophy, the IntimaLase and RenovaLase are the most effective.

Each vaginal restoration treatment typically involves a small handpiece that is inserted into the vagina. It emits rapid pulses of energy, stimulating collagen remodelling and the synthesis of new fibroblasts for healthier mucosa. Patients report an increase in lubrication almost instantly. The improvements will continue over the weeks and months following treatment because cellular changes continue once stimulated.

Our laser nurses are women, so they feel good about offering a safer, faster, and patient-friendly option to our clients.

Are you interested in vaginal rejuvenation? Learn more about the technology being used at the Torgerson clinic when you book a private consultation with one of our skilled laser nurses. They will discuss your suitability for vaginal rejuvenation and the several types of treatment we offer that can help you regain your optimal health.

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