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Micro-Needling and Ethnic Skin Types

When considering skin procedures such as laser treatments, people with darker skin tones often need to be careful because laser treatments can have unwanted side effects

Microneedling provides a safe cosmetic treatment alternative for darker skin colours. Toronto is often labelled as the most multicultural city in the world, so it makes sense that our cosmetic and laser centre would offer patients micro-needling as an alternative to laser treatments for skin types of all ethnicities.

Microneedling provides a safe alternative for ethnic skin tones

Safe alternative to laser treatments

Laser treatments can be considered ablative or non-ablative. An ablative skin treatment uses the laser to burn the layers of the skin, stimulating new collagen and rejuvenation of the skin. However, these laser treatments can cause unwanted complications on darker or ethnic skin. Skin tones that are light olive to dark or tanned are all at risk because these skin types contain more melanin, and the more melanin you have, the higher the risk is during laser treatment. Spot tests need to be performed ahead of time to see if a patient is compatible with the laser treatment, but even a spot test does not mitigate all of the risks. The possible side effects of ablative laser procedures are skin discoloration (hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation), burning, blistering, infection, and possible scarring. This damage can sometimes be permanent, which is why it may be risky for people of ethnic backgrounds.

Microneedling provides a safe alternative for ethnic skin tones. Micro-needling does not destroy or burn the layers of skin. A micro needling system will simply puncture the facial skin with multiple tiny needles. It is considered a non-ablative procedure. The risk of complications or infections is rare – much lower than a laser treatment.

Get a dewy and healthy-looking appearance

V2 Beauty Booster microneedling system

At our Toronto laser centre, we offer the V2 Beauty Booster microneedling system with Redensity 1. The V2 is a handheld needling device that delivers Redensity I into the surface of the facial skin through hundreds of perforations created with the machine. Micro-needling stimulates the skin to create micro-bridges of rapid skin healing between each needle mark. This in turn helps push the skin to create more collagen, which always results in the face having a dewy and healthy-looking appearance. Our micro-needling system also has the added benefit of Redensity 1 being imparted into the skin at the same time. Redensity I is a high-end complex created with minerals, amino acids, the B6 vitamin, and hyaluronic acid – all of which work together to enrich your skin, leaving it far more hydrated and radiant than before. One of the best benefits for people with ethnic skin who cannot undergo laser treatments is that micro-needling can even target small skin imperfections. Some common skin problems that micro needling can help address are fine lines and wrinkles and improving minor scars. Micro-needling helps prevent signs of aging and triggers new elastin and collagen.

If you are someone with an ethnic background and darker skin tone and you have been searching for options to rejuvenate your skin, we feel that microneedling is a fantastic option. Our office would be happy to give you more information about the V2 Beauty Booster micro-needling system with Redensity I injections. Complete the contact form on the website or pick up the phone to call us. We’d be happy to hear from you and share our knowledge and expertise on microneedling!

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