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What is Microneedling?

The newest non-surgical treatment taking the world by storm is microneedling

This cosmetic treatment targets the skin with the goal to refresh, rejuvenate, and hydrate dull and dry skin. Using a handpiece that delivers hyaluronic acid to the dermis layer of the skin, the process creates multiple tiny channels (hence the microneedling name). Those channels deliver the nutrients to the skin and initiate the body’s own natural collagen-building process to improve skin texture, tone, and appearance.

Microneedling delivers the nutrients to the skin and initiate the body’s own natural collagen

The microneedling technique

Via each micro needling channel created in the uppermost layer of the skin, collagen bridging can begin to form. This can improve fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, facial scars, contour divots, pock marks, “crepey” skin, hyperpigmentation concerns, and dermal thickness. The microneedling technique employed at Dr. Torgerson’s Facial Cosmetic Centre in Toronto is administered with the V2 Beauty Booster technology. The V2 Beauty Booster is the handpiece that has adjustable needle lengths to customize the product delivery to each patient’s skin. The needle process is called microneedling because of the number of small, surface-level injections made with the micro needles. The V2 beauty Booster delivers the Redensity I hyaluronic acid product into the skin. Redensity 1 was developed in Europe and has won several awards as an innovative beauty product that makes a difference in skin hydration, tone, and texture.

The microneedling technique can be utilized all over the face. For best results, it should be done in a series of 3 treatments each spaced 3 weeks apart. The technology uses a thermal injury mechanism similar to other more intense laser treatments, but at a lower price, which is great news for micro needling patients. Once the final results are achieved, 1 or 2 maintenance treatments are recommended each year.

Microneedling is an incredible treatment that maintains a vibrant and youthful appearance

V2 skin booster microneedling

A V2 skin booster microneedling full face treatment with Redensity 1 takes only about 20 minutes. To ensure patient comfort throughout this non-invasive procedure, a topical freezing cream will be applied to the skin 10 minutes or so prior to the treatment.

Following a micro needling treatment, the downtime and initial recovery is very minimal. You can expect to experience some minor redness and small micro-bruises for the first few days. Patients can wear mineral makeup beginning the following day to cover any redness or bruising, as it is classically very minimal and imperceptible under makeup. People are generally feeling perfectly fine to go about their regular schedule within the same day. As the face heals, patients notice more hydration and dewy-looking skin as a result.

People who have tried microneedling with Redensity 1 realize that it is an incredible non-surgical treatment and skin regimen that maintains a vibrant and youthful appearance. Statistics have shown that a significant majority of patients who tried this treatment not only noticed a positive difference in their skin, but would also do the treatment again and recommend it to their friends and family! The only people who should wait to try micro needling with Redensity 1 are patients who are breastfeeding or pregnant, have an active infection, eczema, or sunburns on the skin. All other patients of all skin types can benefit from this cosmetic procedure. If you think the microneedling treatments would be a benefit to you, please contact our Toronto office! Glowing skin awaits you!

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