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Is Microneedling Better Than Laser Treatment For Dark Skin

Are you looking for a worry-free beauty solution? Facial treatments that make a significant impact without lengthy recovery are gaining traction. In our Yorkville cosmetic clinic, non-surgical skin care treatments range from lasers to peels to products, and we help clients from all ethnic backgrounds look their best.

So how can people with darker skin tones select safe and effective treatments that won’t cause damage? Microneedling in Toronto has surpassed some laser technology in its popularity and potential to improve skin tone, texture, and appearance. We’ll explain why we recommend this collagen-inducer with the added power of V2 Redensity [II] Beauty Booster for all shades of gorgeous.

Pigmented skin can be damaged by heat and ablative therapies

Melasma is a pigmentation irregularity that frustrates people from all backgrounds, but people of colour especially deal with hyperpigmentation related to irritation, skin injury, or sun exposure. This common issue prompts them to try “brightening” facial creams and to visit the dermatologist’s office seeking solutions.

While many products lead to disappointment or are unsafe for skin, there are a few popular laser options that are also considered to be unsafe. Ethnicities with darker complexions have more melanin in their skin and, therefore, a higher association with treatment risks and complications. That may include infections, loss of pigment, or excessive darkening in spots, scarring, and unsatisfactory results.

Historically, laser technology such as IPL (intense pulsed light) targeted pigment in both dark skin and hairs, making such technology ineffective or damaging. The types that delivered high-energy bursts and heat increased the risks of burning, scarring, and developing further hyperpigmentation. Men and women with highly pigmented skin have been generally advised to avoid ablative laser treatments or skin resurfacing with chemical peels.

Although it’s important to be cautious and put safety first, we don’t believe that all powerful complexion-revitalizing treatments are off limits. While laser technology is steadily advancing to provide a broader range of safe options for all people, we also see the innovation of other potent solutions that suit everyone.

Microneedling is even more effective with V2 Beauty Booster and Redensity [II]

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy (CIT), is rapidly expanding in the aesthetic medicine world and is advantageous for all shades of skin. Where did this technology come from? It’s been around much longer than many people know. The first appearance of the method was noted as far back at the early 1900s and was redeveloped by various dermatologists and plastic surgeons throughout the century. Also called dry tattooing, this method of covering tattoos with coloured ink using a micro-needling technique to punch multiple tiny holes in the skin, was found to reduce scarring by default.

Plastic surgeons around the world have developed small stamps and rollers to experiment treating various body areas. They have gradually perfected the size and spacing of tiny needles that puncture only the most superficial skin layer in a consistent manner. The effect stimulates the body’s natural healing cascade, which involves the production of collagen and elastin. In turn, this strengthens, smooths, and tightens skin.

Microneedling has an incredible safety profile and proves effective for an impressive (and ever-growing) array of issues. Some of these include fine lines, acne scar texture, enlarged pores, sagging, thin skin, and even tone. Best of all, micro needling is safe for dark skin with few complication risks and a very high satisfaction rate.

Let’s take a closer look at micro needling with Redensity [II] Beauty Booster serum

At our Toronto cosmetic clinic, our skin experts understand variations in skin and the appropriate treatments for each. We’ve seen fantastic results for clients of all backgrounds using micro-needling with the Beauty Booster. Here’s what the procedure is typically like:

Microneedling treatment:

The Redensity V2 Beauty Booster is a restorative skincare serum created from hyaluronic acid (HA) and delivered into the skin layers through tiny channels created by sterile, high-grade needles. This is an award-winning, HA-based product supplemented with minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. Your facial skin will be gently cleansed when you begin your treatment with us. Then a topical numbing solution will be applied, though many patients find they don’t need the numbing. The choice is yours.

The microneedling session in Toronto begins with hundreds of tiny perforations made at a very shallow depth (1 to 3 mm). A roller or stamp device gently glides over the face, and the entire surface area can be treated within roughly 20 minutes. Small bumps may appear immediately post-injection as a part of the natural inflammatory response, but they resolve within a few hours.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the extra nourishment of Beauty Booster combined with micro-needling in Toronto?
We have a specialized Beauty Booster injection device that allows practitioners to apply the Booster solution beneath the skin at a precise depth and dose. The 9-point vacuum tip minimizes discomfort and administers skin remodelling micro needling. Toronto clients love the extra luxurious, nourishing solution that blankets the face with hyaluronic acid hydration, feeding your skin cells and encouraging tighter, glowing skin.

The small channels close within 90 minutes, and some patients may experience minor redness persisting for 1 to 2 days. This depends on the individual sensitivity and treatment type, but it won’t require any downtime or avoidance of activities. The procedure is comfortable, and clients can leave, returning to their day directly after their session. We find that the best results are achieved with 3 treatments, spaced one month apart.

Microneedling transforms complexions – naturally

Through harnessing your own body’s natural healing response, we can accelerate the formation of collagen, smooth away lines, improve texture, and revitalize your appearance. And the best part? You have it in you! New skin cell growth is stimulated during treatment. Then it continues over the weeks and months following your visit to our clinic. Increased blood flow to the area allows for vibrant, healthy colour and rapid healing. Your results will be enhanced with the nutrient-packed hydrating effects of Redensity [II] Beauty Booster.

Why is collagen induction therapy safe for dark skin?
People seeking help with their complexions often run into issues of safety when considering various treatments. You shouldn’t have to worry that your beauty treatment will leave you scarred. While the skin may be thicker and firmer for darker-toned individuals, this doesn’t make them immune to damage or less sensitive. In fact, Asian and African-American skin can be at a higher risk of injury from ablative treatments and more prone to irritation or dryness. You need specialized skincare that considers your unique needs and skin characteristics. While medical-grade products can be beneficial, you don’t necessarily need to skip the more intensive and transformative options.

The fine micro-needles don’t tend to cause visible marks or scabs on the skin’s surface. The channels created are shallow and close rapidly without the detrimental effects of injury. Skin-needling treatment releases benefits of the inflammatory response without damaging the skin’s surface where melanin is located. Micro-needling is non-ablative, so there’s no epidermis removal to facilitate a new skin layer – a process often utilized by ablative lasers.

Imagine remodelling and refinishing your skin, without the worry of damage and side effects. You can stimulate new, fresh cells, improved facial circulation, firmer, smoother and blemish-free skin, safely. The serums often applied along with skin needling or after, will quickly permeate top skin layers to be deeply effective at base levels where topical products can’t reach.

This straightforward method of delivering skin nourishment and building strength has a fast, easy recovery time with no risk of damage or scarring for ethnic complexions.

How can you take next steps to clear, luminous skin?
If you’re a person of colour seeking skin care solutions, we’d love to help. Because no two patients are alike, the best way to discover if microneedling is right for you is to meet with our caring and experienced skin care specialists.

The Torgerson Clinic offers microneedling treatment in Toronto. We have the latest non-surgical technology to compliment our cosmetic facial surgery treatments. We strive to put patient health and safety first. We believe everyone can have accessible, safe treatments to beautify their skin and feel great about how they look. Whether male or female, no matter your age or background, there are solutions you’ll love for a better complexion and improved confidence. Dr. Cory Torgerson and the rest of our talented team formulate personalized treatment plans when clients visit us to discuss their skincare goals. Your consultation will allow us to assess your skin, hear about your concerns, and custom-tailor your plan.

We welcome you to call or come in and let us help you put your best face forward.

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