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Best Non-Surgical Treatment To Lift Skin And Build Collagen

Everyone wants to look their very best—alert, refreshed, and youthful

If lines and sagging facial skin have started to make you look aged and tired, it may be time to look into a treatment to reverse those effects. Facelifts are one option, but for people who don’t need a large degree of lift or who are looking for a non-invasive treatment, that may not be the best strategy. The good news is that there are non-surgical ways to lift and rejuvenate your skin. Let’s discuss two of the most popular options that will leave you looking younger and more rested without the expense and downtime of more invasive plastic surgery procedures.

Ultherapy is perfect for those who don’t want to have a surgical procedure


Ultrasound technology is amazing, and now doctors are putting it to use to improve their patients’ skin tone. Cutting-edge Ultherapy has been approved by Health Canada and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to tighten and provide the perfect lift for loose skin on your neck, sagging skin under your chin, or baggy skin around your eyebrows. It’s also been FDA-cleared to treat wrinkles and lines on the chest area and décolletage.

Ultherapy works by delivering ultrasound energy just beneath the surface of the skin. This energy generates the correct temperature to stimulate the skin’s collagen-producing process, plumping it and tightening it in the process. The timing of the results may vary, with some patients noticing a difference right away and others seeing results over 2 or 3 months after treatment. Ultherapy isn’t a replacement for a facelift, but it’s perfect for those who don’t want to have a surgical procedure or who don’t need a dramatic tightening of their face and neck.

There’s no doubt that ultrasound technology is safe, as it’s been used in the medical field for decades. Ultherapy has passed the safety test in clinical studies and has now been used in over 500,000 treatments around the world. Although there may be a bit of swelling after Ultherapy, there is no downtime, so patients can immediately resume their normal activities.

CO2 laser therapy is perfect for removing blemishes and sun spots

CO2 Laser Treatment

To improve the overall appearance of your skin, treatment with a CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser will help. CO2 laser therapy is perfect for removing blemishes and sun spots from too much UV exposure as well as shrinking large and unsightly pores. It can greatly smooth and improve the texture of your skin in areas that are rough or irregular. It’s also a wonderful treatment for removing unwanted hair.

In addition to all of this, CO2 laser treatment helps create a significant tightening of the skin—so significant that it’s effective at reducing deep wrinkles and superficial scarring. It does all of this by sending out pulses of energy that destroy the top layer of skin tissue. It is an effective treatment for the face, but is not suggested for the hands, neck, or chest area, because the skin in those places does not heal as well and is more prone to scarring.

Although CO2 laser treatment is a nonsurgical procedure, it does have a short recovery time of a few days, as the treated area will be tender and swollen. Patients will be instructed on proper care after the treatment to control any resulting pain and to guide them on the recovery process.

Which Treatment Is Ideal For Me?

Some patients who are pressed for time may need to opt for a treatment with no downtime afterwards. However, if you have sun and/or age spots, lots of blemishes, and areas of rough or imperfect skin, CO2 laser treatment may provide better and more extensive results. Schedule a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Cory Torgerson at (647) 343-0207 in Toronto to discuss which treatment option is best for your unique goals and for achieving the results you desire.

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