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How Long Does Ultherapy Last?

It can be distressing to look in the mirror and notice that sagging skin that seems to have appeared overnight

Droopy areas around the brows, loose jowls, lines, and wrinkles can make us look tired, stressed out, and older than our years. Thankfully, these signs of aging can be easily reversed without incisions, injections, and lengthy recovery times. Skin rejuvenation is possible through the power of ultrasound—a safe, painless technology that has been used for over 50 years in the medical field.

Ultherapy is a quick and pain-free procedure

Ultherapy: A Lift Without the Facelift

Ultherapy treatment taking anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes (depending on the size of the area to be treated). During Ultherapy, ultrasound waves will be directed underneath your skin. The gentle heat emitted from these waves will stimulate your skin to produce more collagen, the material necessary for filling out skin and making it look healthy and firm. Some people will emerge from their Ultherapy treatment and notice results within the first week. For many though, the majority of the results will become apparent during the 2 to 3 months after treatment. During this time, the body’s natural collagen production will ramp up, causing skin to become fuller. You’ll begin to see sagging areas tighten up and begin to lift. As collagen in the skin increases, fine lines and wrinkles will begin to fill out, lighten, and disappear. Best of all, Ultherapy is a subtle cosmetic procedure that you can have done and then get right back to your normal day-to-day activities. Some patients experience a mild amount of discomfort and swelling that can be treated with cold packs. There are no restrictions on your normal activity after Ultherapy, however. You can leave your doctor’s office and return to work, run errands, or do the things you need to get done. Your doctor will likely ask you to avoid soaking in spas and saunas during the duration of your skin’s healing process. You’ll also be asked to avoid using pillowcases that were washed using fabric softener for the first several days after treatment. There is no downtime, however, and none of the bruising or major swelling that often occurs with other surgical and injection treatments.

You and your doctor will be able to decide the best schedule to keep your results looking fresh

How Long Does Ultherapy Last?

As mentioned above, the initial results of Ultherapy are progressive over the first 2 or 3 months after you receive your treatment. During this time, you’ll begin to notice a gradual firming and lifting of the treated areas. Wrinkles and lines will begin to fill and skin tone will tighten. You’ll begin to look more refreshed, youthful, and relaxed. Once the maximum results have been achieved a few months after your Ultherapy treatment, the aging process continues and collagen levels will eventually start to decrease again. Results will vary according to each individual, but over time, you will begin to notice skin becoming gradually looser and wrinkles beginning to return. Doctors recommend that patients come back in for Ultherapy treatments to maintain results. How often this will need to be done depends on each individual patient and factors such as the state of their skin before their initial treatment, the degree of results they achieved, as well as lifestyle habits such as smoking and UV exposure. Some people prefer to have their Ultherapy updated annually, while others see their doctors for maintenance treatments every 2 years. Schedule a consultation with the leading plastic surgeon in Toronto, Dr. Torgerson at (647)343-0207 to determine if Ultherapy is the best cosmetic treatment to get the kind of results you desire.

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