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Ultherapy: Is the Procedure Painful?

Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology to provide a lift in the epidermis and facial musculature.

Some patients are apprehensive about Ultherapy, as it is a relatively new use of ultrasound technology. Questions and concerns involving safety, comfort, and any inherent risks should be discussed with your physician in a private consultation before committing to any elective cosmetic procedure.

Ultherapy is performed painlessly

Benefits of Ultherapy

One of the benefits of Ultherapy, when compared to other cosmetic treatments or procedures, is that Ultherapy is not a form of surgery. There are no injections, incisions, or sutures involved. Unlike invasive surgical cosmetic procedures, Ultherapy is performed painlessly. It does not leave any scarring or scar tissue and carries no risk of bleeding or infection.

While safe and gentle, some patients report experiencing some mild discomfort during Ultherapy, usually described as a feeling of intense heat. Each individual experiences pain differently. The level of discomfort can be greatly reduced when the procedure is done by an experienced and skilled professional who understands the anatomy and the device, as the techniques used will lessen discomfort. Some physicians mitigate by simply directing cool air at the patient during the procedure. Although Ultherapy is injection-free, topical numbing agents are utilized when prepping the area. It should also be noted that some temporary redness is common after Ultherapy is performed. Some patients may also experience some mild swelling afterwards. These effects typically resolve themselves within 24 hours.

Ultherapy has been approved by Health Canada and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, but medical researchers are constantly striving to improve any imperfections reported by recipients of Ultherapy. A recently developed protocol, which reduces the energy output during Ultherapy, has been implemented. Doctors compensate for the reduction in energy with more “lines” during treatment, which results in effects indistinguishable to those achieved with the higher energy output. This is quickly becoming the “gold standard” with physicians administering Ultherapy.

Ultherapy can easily fit into your schedule for one day

No Aftercare

Unlike invasive elective cosmetic procedures, Ultherapy carries no inherent risks, and recorded side effects are negligible, never more than mild, temporary discomfort. While the vast majority of invasive cosmetic procedures require special preparation and a lengthy convalescence. Ultherapy recipients can consume alcohol after the procedure, as there is no risk of the alcohol reacting with any anaesthesia. Ultherapy recipients may also choose to undergo waxing with absolutely no risk of damaging the epidermis. In some patients, there is a need to repeat the process every 4 to 6 months.

Once Ultherapy is performed, the entire transaction is complete. There is no aftercare to worry about. This is in stark comparison to invasive surgical treatments, which invariably require a period of convalescence, aftercare and, often, secondary procedures to “tidy up” the scarring/scar tissue caused by the primary surgery. To eliminate any possibility of an adverse reaction, some physicians may advise the patient to avoid anti-inflammatory medications or steroids after Ultherapy. However, none of the studies surrounding Ultherapy actually suggest that ingesting anti-inflammatory medications/steroids would impact the effects of the treatment in any way. Researchers do theorize though that because a natural inflammatory response is activated to stimulate collagen production, using anti inflammatory medication may reduce the effectiveness of Ultherapy.

If you still have concerns about the benefits or risks involved with Ultherapy, please do not hesitate to contact the offices of Dr. Torgerson by calling (647)343-0207. With over 18 years of training and experience, Dr. Torgerson is a knowledgeable source for anyone in Toronto looking to restore younger, healthier-looking skin.

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