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A Guide To Ultherapy : Its Benefits And The Treatment Process

Like many people in and around the Toronto area, you’re starting to notice changes in your skin and are considering a procedure that will lift and tighten your skin

Like many people in and around the Toronto area, you’re starting to notice changes in your skin and are considering a procedure that will lift and tighten your skin. Your research process has led you to discover Ultherapy, one of the latest techniques for improving fine lines on the neck, chin, and brow. But you’ll need to know more about the process before you schedule a consultation with a specialist. Fortunately, our team has significant experience with the Ultherapy treatment process. We will present our full guide to Ultherapy, its benefits, and the stages of the procedure.

Don’t suffer through a challenging recovery process

Why Choose Ultherapy?

One of the leading advantages of Ultherapy in comparison to other forms of skin treatments is that it has been proven safe. Because the process uses ultrasound to deliver collagen-boosting elements, you can rest assured that you’re completely safe from side effects. Another reason why so many patients are now working with their local specialists to undergo the Ultherapy process is that the technique is the only non-invasive procedure proven to effectively lift skin on the neck, chin, and brow that is approved by Health Canada and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This means that you won’t have to undergo extensive surgery prep time. You can sit back and enjoy the results of your treatment, which will leave you with reduced lines and clearer skin for the long term.

A Long-Lasting Treatment

Compared with short-term solutions such as Botox, another popular procedure, Ultherapy is a leading option for people seeking a longer-term improvement in their skin’s appeal. The treatment is designed to last for several years for most patients, who will experience increased dermal thickness as well as the enduring aesthetic benefits from the boost in collagen production.

Dr. Torgerson has many years’ experience performing cosmetic procedures for our patients

A Flexible Addition to Skin Care Regimens

One of the reasons why so many patients are now working with specialists to undergo Ultherapy is that it can be added to a comprehensive skincare regimen with seamless precision. Patients who have undergone the Ultherapy procedure can also choose other cosmetic options in the short term without having to put off important treatments for several months.

What Does the Treatment Process Involve?

So now that you know the clear benefits of the Ultherapy process, you’re probably wondering what the treatment involves. First, your specialist will ask that that you lie down on the treatment table as they assess your skin rejuvenation needs. They will then place the ultrasound over the target area and begin to administer ultrasound waves to achieve the ideal response from your facial tissue. The tissue at the target point is heated to around 65°C, which leads to immediate collagen contraction and denaturation and initiates collagen synthesis. You might feel a tingling sensation during this process, which is a sign that the collagen-building process has begun. Each treatment using the ultrasound equipment will typically last 30 to 60 minutes.

Why Book Through Dr. Torgerson Facial Cosmetic Surgery?

Our team here at Dr. Torgerson Facial Cosmetic Surgery has many years’ experience performing the latest cosmetic procedures for our patients. We’re committed to helping you understand the unique advantages of the Ultherapy process and determine a custom treatment for your personal cosmetic needs. Our team is available to book consultations. Call today at 647-343-0207 to speak with a recognized specialist.

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