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Is Ultherapy Right For Me?

Ultherapy is non-invasive procedure has proven results of lifting and tightening the skin

Ultherapy, the latest beauty technology, has been performed on over 700,000 patients worldwide and has a reported 95% satisfaction rate among patients who have had the treatment. Yet many individuals wonder if the procedure is right for their aesthetic goals and if the treatment can be performed on individuals with medical conditions.

Ultherapy is safe and gentle procedure


When considering any elective surgery, pre-existing health concerns are taken into consideration. Unfortunately, there are many conditions (e.g. diabetes, metallic inserts) that can bar an otherwise healthy individual from elective cosmetic surgery. Ultherapy, however, uses gentle ultrasonic waves to direct heat no deeper than 4.5 mm into the epidermis, stimulating natural collagen production.

Patients with endocrinol or glandular conditions or disorders related to their thyroid are also typically considered undesirable candidates for elective procedures that require general anesthesia. Fortunately, Ultherapy does not affect the thyroid gland because the layer of cartilage in and around the thyroid serves as a protective shield.

Although unique Ultherapy is safe and gentle, there are still certain cases that require precautionary measures. For example, with patients who are suffering from cold sores or shingle outbreaks, preventative measures will be used to reduce adverse reaction to Ultherapy.

Ultherapy helps tighten targeted areas and rejuvenate sagging skin

Frequently Asked Questions

Patients taking any vitamin supplements or anti-inflammatory medication to treat a pre-existing condition will still be eligible for Ultherapy. In fact, none of the published studies suggest that taking anti inflammatory medication will hinder or impede the healing process in any way.

Interestingly, some patients who routinely undergo facial peeling treatments worry that their treatments may interfere in the effectiveness of Ultherapy. The most frequently asked question relates to the ultrasound gel that is used. However, Ultherapy can actually be performed immediately after a peeling treatment has been administered. This is because Ultherapy does not affect the outer layer of skin, which is what a peeling treatment targets.

This state-of-the-art procedure does not interfere in the vast majority of existing treatments and/or conditions. Ultherapy can be advantageous for people who have noticed wrinkles and/or fine lines in and around the facial area and is safe for all skin tones. Patients who wish to delay the natural aging process are ideal candidates for Ultherapy. Results may vary if the targeted tissue is previously damaged or scarred.

Individual differences must also be taken into consideration to determine whether a patient is a viable candidate for Ultherapy for Ultherapy. The natural ability to regulate collagen in each individual will play a role in Ultherapy results, and these issues will be assessed by an Ultherapy specialist during your consultation. The expectations and needs of each patient varies from person to person, and a consultation will help determine viable candidates for this unique procedure. Safe and gentle Ultherapy has seen positive results in patients as old as 70 years of age.

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