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5 Reasons To Do SculpSure

After a wave of rave reviews, SculpSure is the new treatment that’s taking Canada by storm.

Dr. Torgerson’s clinic is proud to offer this innovative *body contouring treatment to people who would like to reduce their fat away without surgery.* SculpSure saves patients time in treatment and requires very little recovery—all while maximizing the results. This is why it is becoming an industry favourite in Canada! Here are five of the many reasons we heartily recommend SculpSure.

1. Time

With SculpSure, up to 4 laser applicators are used at one time to treat an area, with a full treatment taking no more than 25 minutes. This allows multiple zones to be treated within one hour. Its leading competition, CoolSculpting, can take an entire hour to target and treat just 1 fat zone! Also, SculpSure requires neither local nor topical anaesthetic.

2. Comfort

The SculpSure treatment is a breeze. Clients can use the time during their treatment to relax, work on emails from mobile devices and even catch up on social media! If any concerns arise, the SculpSure machine has a call button allowing the client to instantly contact their medical professional on demand.

3. Better Than The Competition

In our opinion, SculpSure is better than its slower and less-efficient counterpart, CoolSculpting. While both technologies are approved by Health Canada, SculpSure is a newer technology and has made scientific advances in order to offer major benefits over CoolSculpting. SculpSure treatment works faster, with an average time of 25 minutes for 1 target area compared to an hour for CoolSculpting. With SculpSure, you can treat areas with smaller amounts of fat than is allowed with CoolSculpting (which needs at least one inch). SculpSure will even work on areas where there is not enough fat to pinch! Neurogenic pain from CoolSculpting can last for many weeks. With SculpSure body contouring, there have been no reports of post-treatment bruising or trauma—meaning that you can return to normal activities right away. In addition to all of this, on average, SculpSure is more affordable than CoolSculpting.

4. Uses The Body’s Natural Resources

*SculpSure is designed with a unique skin-cooling system that maintains the skin at a comfortable temperature for the patient while the fat cells are being melted away.* Through the patient’s own immune system, the dead fat cells are flushed away and the treated areas show up to a *24% reduction in excess fat.* Patients say that the entire SculpSure treatment is comfortable, reporting only minor discomfort for a few seconds at a time thanks to the system’s unique intervals of heating and cooling.

5. Long-Lasting Results

With SculpSure, one can expect *fat reductions (assuming that the patient’s weight remains the same as it was when treated).* The SculpSure treatment actually leads to reduced fat cells, but without the usual inflammation. *Studies have shown a 24% decrease in unwanted fat for each treated zone, and more than 90% of treated patients report that they are satisfied with the achieved results.* SculpSure treatments can also encourage new collagen and elastin in a treated zone, so more youthful and healthy tissue is another wonderful outcome! Dr. Torgerson offers patients only the best products and technology. In Canada, SculpSure is available only for flanks and abdomen, but full body approval (hips, inner thighs, outer thighs, and even arms) is pending and expected very soon. Contact Dr. Torgerson’s clinic today with your SculpSure questions and how learn how receiving treatment in Toronto will help you love the way you look, the SculpSure way!

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