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SculpSure Trends In 2017

The aesthetics industry has never been hotter, and body contouring treatments and technologies are getting more effective every year.

It is this focus and determination to create better solutions that led to the development of SculpSure laser body contouring. The innovative treatment has been picked up by Hollywood and has been featured in the New York Times, E! News, Fox, and CBS News. Now, SculpSure is available in Toronto. With the wide publicity and acceptance of cosmetic treatments as part of people’s daily lives, it’s clear that aesthetic procedures like laser body contouring are here to stay. Read more about exciting SculpSure trends and promising possibilities for both men and women below.

Less Pain, More Gain!

This is a huge part of SculpSure’s rising popularity and the resulting media attention. Unlike procedures such as CoolSculpting and invasive liposuction surgery, SculpSure uses pads that are placed on target zones to delivers laser pulses that break up fat cells. The feeling is similar to wearing a heating pad, and the treatment is virtually painless. This means very little discomfort and no down time at all!

Sculpt Your Whole Self

Patients can benefit from all-over use of SculpSure laser contouring to target stubborn areas of fat that have remained despite exercise, changes in diet, or even previous procedures. SculpSure pads can be placed just about anywhere on the body. This is a significant improvement on the CoolSculpting procedure, which is also non-invasive but can only be used on areas with a large amount of fat. Because of its gentle but specific targeting ability, SculpSure can help you sculpt your ideal body, wherever you need it.

Correct Results Of Other Treatments

Many people have already undergone invasive and non-invasive procedures to address and remove unwanted fatty tissue, and have found that the results are not what they had hoped for. In cases like this, SculpSure is an idea follow-up treatment, as it can pinpoint smaller areas and fine-tune the results of other treatments. Patients will also be impressed with the speed and relative painlessness of SculpSure, after their other experiences!

SculpSure Is For Everyone

Aesthetic laser treatments and body contouring can be just as useful for men as for women. Now the media and numerous health and fitness gurus have come on board, getting the word out about specific procedures that are ideal for men. While the numbers of men undergoing liposuction surgery and tummy tucks have been nearly doubling every year since 2000, not everyone is prepared to go under the knife. SculpSure offers a practically painless and very convenient alternative method to shape up the abdominal area without resorting to invasive body contouring procedures.

Speed Is Always On-Trend

Over the last decade, cosmetic procedures have become safer, doctors are more experienced, and the equipment used is more sophisticated than ever. But convenience and time remain an issue when undergoing such treatments, particularly for cosmetic surgeries. Now, SculpSure is setting a new trend in speed, getting the job done in just 25 minutes per treatment, so you can get back to your life right away.

Big changes and growth have been happening in the world of aesthetics over the past year. The body contouring market has experienced significant growth, and Americans spent more than 13.5 billion dollars on surgical and nonsurgical procures in 2015. Men now make up almost 40% of clients. As doctors and patients become more aware of the non-invasive cosmetic treatment possibilities, we expect SculpSure to continue to lead the way in rising popularity through 2017.

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