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SculpSure: The Revolution in Fat Burning and Body Contouring

SculpSure is an innovative medical treatment that has taken the health and lifestyle industry by storm.

Designed for people who would like to appear slimmer or are looking to lose weight in a timely, non-invasive and safe manner, SculpSure has set a new gold standard in the weight loss sector. It should also be noted that while SculpSure technology was first developed and implemented in the United States, the technology has received such rave reviews that it has since made its way to Canadian shores.

How Does SculpSure Work?

For those who have not yet experienced this life-changing procedure, SculpSure is a weight loss technology/treatment that can remove fat without the need for surgery. SculpSure uses laser light to destroy fat deposits, leaving damaged fat cells to be naturally removed by the body. Commonly treated areas include the flanks and abdomen. However, discussions are underway to allow for full body treatments (including the arms, hips, and inner and outer thighs).

The SculpSure Procedure

The whole process starts with a consultation with a SculpSure provider to discuss which areas of the body the patient is currently dissatisfied with. The doctor will provide details about this innovative fat removal treatment and ensure that the patient is a good candidate for the procedure.

The procedure itself is quick and convenient. It generally takes less than half an hour to fully treat one area of the body. Up to 4 laser treatments can be implemented during a given session, providing added convenience and more efficient and timely results. What’s more, its current top competitor—Coolsculpting—takes significantly longer to achieve results. (A standard Coolsculpting treatment takes a full hour to work on one targeted area, making it a much more time-consuming process with less-than-optimal results.)

How Does SculpSure Work?

In addition to being a very quick and safe procedure, SculpSure also has the added benefit of requiring no anesthetic. In fact, the treatment is so easy that many patients catch up on emails or spend time on social media while receiving the treatment, as it is completely hands-free. However, should a patient require assistance of any kind, they can simply press a button on the side of the SculpSure machine at any time during the roughly 25 minute treatment to summon their medical professional.

SculpSure generates energy via a low-level laser to accurately pinpoint target areas that require sculpting, fat melting or contouring. The thermal heat generated will efficiently target the subcutaneous tissue and fat in the body to achieve the desired results. Fat cells will be burned off and destroyed, leaving shapely, rejuvenated muscle tone in its place. Please note, however, that the patient will not feel any discomfort during the laser treatment. While the elevated temperature will destroy the targeted fat cells, the patient will not feel the heat, as the system includes a proprietary skin-cooling system.

In terms of numbers, patients can expect a 24% reduction in gratuitous fat in and around the targeted areas. The dead fat cells that have accumulated via the treatment will be flushed out safely and efficiently through the body’s natural systems. The ideal candidate for SculpSure is someone who has unwanted fat on their flanks and/or abdomen but who lives an otherwise healthy and active lifestyle. Interestingly, the fat burning results, once obtained, are permanent. This provides yet another reason to take advantage of the state-of-the-art SculpSure technology.


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