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Lipolysis (SculpSure) vs. Cryolipolysis (CoolSculpting)

Non-surgical fat reduction procedures are one of the fastest growing categories in the aesthetics market.

With a 42% increase in procedures performed from 2013 to 2014. Cosmetic aesthetic procedures and machines for non-invasive liposuction industry continue to innovate and advance as time progresses.

SculpSure Versus CoolSculpting

The choices among the variety of treatments expand, which can often create a lot of confusion and skepticism among the population interested in pursuing these procedures. It is safe to assume that everyone wants the maximum fat loss for the best price with the least amount of discomfort. With that being said, it can be quite a challenge to decide on the right type of procedure for the fat loss goals one has. The best method of action would be for the patient to conduct their own personal research online, as there are hundreds of resources available on the Web about these services and procedures. It is also advisable to have in-person consultations with varying plastic surgeons and/or practitioners about the same or alternative treatments.

The goal is to get as many professional opinions as possible about the type of treatment that you are interested in receiving. Quite often, the first stage requires flexibility because the procedure of preference may not actually be the best treatment for your fat-loss goals. It’s good to know this important information before investing time and money in a treatment plan that may not be suitable to your goals, budget, and/or schedule. Most non-invasive fat-reduction programs do require a series of treatments in comparison to traditional liposuction, which tends to be a one-time procedure but with obvious limitations in regards to medications, associated pain, wound recovery, and downtime.

SculpSure and CoolSculpting are the top two newest technologies in the current market for non-invasive liposuction, which has been proven to produce similar results. We will take an indepth look into how these two treatments (approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) work, what makes them so effective, and why one may be superior over the other for some people.

Lipolysis Via Hyperthermic Laser With SculpSure

Developed by Cynosure, Inc., one of the leading laser and light-based aesthetic treatments, SculpSure is the world’s first safe and effective hyperthermic aesthetic laser non invasive treatment, which eliminates up to 24% of treated fat in a 25-minute procedure with no downtime, so patients can return to their normal activities immediately. Cynosure is not new to the game of laser technology. In fact, they are the same producers of products like SmartLipo and Cellulaze, and they introduced SculpSure in the final quarter of 2015 as an entirely new approach to non-invasive body contouring for men and women.

Cynosure designs, manufactures, and markets medical devices for aesthetic procedures and precision surgical applications worldwide. Cynosure sells its products globally under various brand names through a direct sales force in Canada and the United States and through international distributors in approximately 120 other countries.

SculpSure’s patented, innovative technology utilizes a hyperthermic laser 1060-nm diode laser light through the skin to achieve target temperatures of 42 to 47 degrees Celsius to engage the fat cells into lipolysis. Lipolysis is the breakdown of fats and other lipids by hydrolysis to release fatty cells to the surrounding lymphatic pathways for elimination. The temperature shocks the fat cells, and they die over a few weeks by a mechanism referred to as apoptosis, programmed cell death that occurs in multicellular organisms and that biochemically leads to cell morphology and cell death.

SculpSure reduces fat noninvasively by disrupting subcutaneous fat cells. It features a flexible applicator system to treat multiple anatomical areas of the body. Using a 1060 nm laser, the device can treat an anatomical area in approximately 25 minutes. As the fat is being heated, the applicator head is simultaneously being chilled, which is a suitable type of application for all skin types without causing any interactions in the skin. Patients are able to achieve desired results within 12 weeks without downtime or surgery. The SculpSure device is also designed for maximum versatility, offering physicians the ability to customize treatment to each patient’s desired results.

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