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Top 3 Most Popular Questions About Sculpsure

The Top 3 Questions About SculpSure

SculpSure is a wildly popular method of body sculpting which is heralded for its countless advantages over conventional treatments. From its noninvasive approach, to its lightning-fast recovery times, and even its amazing cost effectiveness when compared with all other techniques; it’s certainly not hard to see why SculpSure is favoured by both patients and doctors in the cosmetic surgery industry. With so many people excited to experience the treatment for themselves, there are a myriad of questions which come with the enthusiasm. When clients come to us for the procedure, three questions specifically, seem to be the most prevalent.

How Does It Work?

*SculpSure’s non-invasive fat removal is a body contouring system which targets stubborn areas of fat generally located on the abdomen and flanks.* SculpSure uses specialized applicators to emit laser technology that heats fat cells to the point of disintegration. Once broken down, the immune system will naturally remove the cell debris from the body, resulting in fat reduction from the treatment area. The entire treatment requires approximately 25 minutes to complete and it’s reported that *an average of 24% of fat can be removed from as low as one treatment.*

Does It Hurt?

This procedure is one of the most sought out for many reasons, not the least of which would be its renown for requiring no anesthesia. Though the idea of using a laser to melt cells may conjure up the idea of pain, the outer layer of the skin remains unaffected. The incredibly noninvasive process is designed to be customizable in many ways, from its ability to treat multiple different areas, to its excellent pain management features. Within the first few minutes of your session, your technician will confer with you to determine appropriate settings for the duration of the treatment, ensuring your comfort.

The SculpSure Treatment

Additionally, throughout the treatment, you will notice a cooling sensation interspersed with the heat. This helps to regulate the temperature of your skin and keep you feeling as comfortable as possible. Most patients who have undergone this procedure report only mild discomfort if any at all, and it is generally well received. It should be noted, however, that pain is entirely subjective. Our technicians understand this, and this is why we take pain management very seriously.

Am I A Candidate?

This question can often be less straightforward than the previous two. Determining whether or not you should opt for this procedure requires answering many of your own questions. Typically, SculpSure is ideal for people who have already lost weight and are having trouble shedding those last few pounds, or those who tend to have small areas of fat that seem to accumulate in specific zones and are resistant to diet or exercise. It’s important to note that SculpSure is not a weight loss tool, but a method of removing smaller amounts of stubborn fat. A good candidate would be someone who maintains a healthy lifestyle and is in good health overall. These are all general examples of an ideal candidate for the procedure. You may not fit this perfect example – many don’t. Consulting with one of our experienced technicians may lead you to discover that SculpSure is right for you, or could help you choose an alternate means to realizing your aesthetic dreams. Regardless of the chosen path, it would be our pleasure to work with you.

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