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The Differences Between SculpSure And CoolSculpting

For some, the choice to venture into the realm of cosmetic surgery can be intimidating and overwhelming.

The idea of invasive surgery is not for everyone. Non-surgical liposuction options and body contouring, however, do exist and both SculpSure and CoolSculpting are leaders in the field, employing modern technology to provide a dramatically less invasive alternative to surgery. One might assume that, with similar names and functions, CoolSculpting and SculpSure are completely interchangeable. It’s important to note that the two have notable differences, from results to treatments, and even the sciences behind how each procedure works.

CoolSculpting Vs.SculpSure

CoolSculpting, for instance, is a procedure which helps to reduce fat without any type of surgery. During the process, a trained and certified professional utilizes a device to freeze targeted fat cells, hence the name. These frozen fat cells then eventually die and are organically removed from the body over time.

SculpSure is a non-surgical process for fat reduction that works a little differently. SculpSure uses laser technology to heat your fat cells, emulsifying the fat cells and literally melting the fat away. Once these fat cells become melted, they are naturally vacated by the body. Some of the added benefits of SculpSure – benefits that CoolSculpting can’t lay claim to – is that SculpSure treatments also help to encourage collagen and elastin production in treated areas.

Determining The Preferred Treatment: CoolSculpting Or SculpSure

The differences between the features of these two processes are truly a deciding factor when selecting which is best for you. For example, CoolSculpting can only target a single area per treatment whereas SculpSure can target up to 4 areas at the same time. Due to its limited treatment area, CoolSculpting takes an hour to complete while SculpSure, by treating multiple areas at once, takes 25 minutes. Also, to maximize results, CoolSculpting can take up to 4 treatments while with SculpSure, after one session it’s possible to see excellent results. They are both non-invasive and require no anesthesia.

Why SculpSure Is Recommended Over CoolSculpting

Not only does SculpSure offer superior technology for body contouring and fat reduction, the shortened session time, more efficient treatments, and overall excellent results point to a clear advantage over CoolSculpting’s procedures. These things combined, plus its higher cost effectiveness than CoolSculpting make SculpSure an obvious choice.

Choosing SculpSure

Using SculpSure allows you to target multiple fatty areas for safe body contouring treatment. The utilization of heat-based lasers in this treatment adds the benefit of collagen and elastin production being stimulated, a feature not many other procedures can tout. SculpSure’s treatments encourage tissue growth in a healthy and youthful way, leaving the treated areas thinner and more beautiful.

If you have one or more areas of unwanted fat that is proving difficult to lose, SculpSure is your opportunity to target these areas. Throughout the procedure, a unique skin-cooling system is employed that helps you remain at a comfortable temperature while the fat cells are being addressed. Through testing completed using SculpSure, results show treated areas having up to 24 percent in reduction in excess fat.

If you find yourself curious about the treatment’s results, look no further than the excellent reviews that SculpSure has received from clients and doctors alike. Throughout Canada, it is becoming widely popularized not only for achieving top quality results, but for offering the most effective fat loss without any surgery involved. When compared to other non-surgical procedures for fat reduction, SculpSure easily stands out from the crowd in terms of technology, effectiveness, and even affordability.

If you would like more information on the advantages of SculpSure or to book a consultation, please be sure to contact Dr. Torgerson’s clinic today at (647)343-0207.

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