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Does SculpSure Damage Muscle?

As a modern medical cosmetic procedure, Sculpsure is very often used successfully in patients who have already had upper back fat-removal treatments in the past.

SculpSure lasers penetrate in a manner that enables them to destroy fat cells without damaging surrounding tissues. Unlike other non-invasive body contouring procedures, SculpSure causes no post-procedure pain or injury to muscle, blood vessels or other structures. During consultations with prospective patients, all concerns and goals of the treatment are discussed, as well as determining that a patient will be a good candidate for SculpSure. It is important to find a qualified medical professional that has experience with lasers, including SculpSure.

How Does SculpSure Laser Targeting Work?

Lasers have a great ability to selectively target certain tissues. The SculpSure laser-guided system only targets and damages fat, and only does this to a depth of 3 cm. A doctor who is experienced with the SculpSure procedure will be able to determine what areas can be safety treated. The SculpSure applicators gather the patient’s skin and fat for targeting by the laser. As fat cells are heated and destroyed, the body will naturally flush them away and rid itself of them.

Will It Damage Muscle?

The SculpSure procedure will not damage or pass through your muscles and muscular structures. SculpSure is a hyperthermic laser fat removal process that directs heated laser beamed energy into desired areas. The SculpSure laser energy heats fat cells and surrounding tissues – affecting only the subcutaneous fat layer – and nothing else. Therefore, it is not focused near the muscle region. *Many patients have come in to treat the lower or middle back area and have been pleased with the results.

The 1064 nm laser used in SculpSure is specific to fat and not muscle. The only concern would be patients with hernias that may have exposed organs with fat. A qualified medical professional will be able to consult and troubleshoot as needed.

Does There Need To Be A Minimum Of Body Fat?

As long as there is at least one inch of a fat layer between the skin and the muscle, the muscle will not be heated enough to cause any damage. Even with less than that amount of fat, it is unlikely that heating the muscle tissue with SculpSure would result in muscle damage. Skin is typically approximately 1/4 inch thick and the underlying fat layer is usually 1 cm or more. This means that in areas to be treated, the layer of muscle is typically well-protected.

How Safe And Tolerable Is SculpSure?

One of the great strengths of SculpSure over other procedures is its safety and ability to be tolerated by most patients. Because the laser used is only absorbed by fat, muscle, blood vessels and nerve centres are completely unaffected. That is why, after treating many thousands of patients successfully, there are no reports of pain or tissue damage. *SculpSure is currently approved in Canada for treatment of the abdomen and flanks. However, it is expected to gain approval very soon for all areas of the body, including hips, inner thighs, outer thighs, and the arms.

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