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What Will You Feel And Experience On The Day Of SculpSure Treatment?

For many, SculpSure appears to be a relatively new body sculpting procedure, one which uses laser light technology to break down fat cells.

Though research is beneficial to allaying any fears associated with undergoing any treatment, no matter how noninvasive, understanding the experience of a SculpSure procedure is perhaps the optimum method of combating possible anxieties.

Beginning The Treatment

When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, you’ll find that preparation is minimal, as the procedure itself is incredibly simple in its execution. Based on your preference, your target areas which harbour excess fat will be mapped out by one of our highly skilled and extensively trained technicians. The SculpSure system comes with four small applicators, and we can therefore treat one large area, or different areas simultaneously. Through their extensive knowledge, our team is well-versed in the placement of SculpSure’s specially designed applicators, and ensures an aesthetically pleasing, symmetrical finish. Once your target areas have been chosen, a framework is applied to the body and secured in place with the use of straps, and the applicators are inserted into the frame.

During The Treatment

As treatment begins, the first couple of minutes are crucial to determine the optimal levels of heat that will be used throughout the procedure. Your technician will take a few moments to select different settings and from there, will gauge your comfort and adjust accordingly. Communication at this juncture is important as your technician uses this time to regulate the temperature that will be used throughout the treatment.

After the levels for the laser have been set, you will experience waves of cooling and warmth as the laser emits pulses, gradually heating the fat beneath the dermal and sub-dermal tissues, effectively melting the cells within the target area. The cooling sensation is a result of a feature unique to SculpSure’s body contouring system: Sapphire glass treatment heads. With this cooling in place, it allows you to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure, leaving you to spend the 25 minute treatment period checking emails, reading, or texting, should you so desire.

After The Treatment

One of the most noticeable advantages of SculpSure over other fat removal procedures is the lack of downtime following treatment. There is no recovery process and most, if not all of our patients will return to their regularly scheduled day following their appointment.

Studies have shown that patients can expect to see up to a 24% reduction in fat, which occurs over approximately 10 weeks, but can begin at as early as 6 weeks. Because some patients have areas of fat that may be more stubborn, or have more than one area to target, often multiple sessions will be required to see optimal results. With the ability to return to work or daily responsibilities immediately after treatment and the procedure itself being remarkably quick, some patients who are looking to treat several areas will often book sessions back-to-back; first treating the abdomen during one session, then love handles during the next, for example.

If you have further questions regarding the SculpSure procedure or what it can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Torgerson’s clinic today at (647)343-0207. We look forward to helping you achieve your cosmetic goals.

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