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Do SculpSure Treatments Hurt?

For some, after hearing the many advantages over other conventional methods of fat removal, opting for SculpSure Treatments for non-invasive body sculpting may seem like a simple decision.

When you read beyond the rave reviews by patients and doctors, and begin to examine the inner workings of the procedure, it’s easy to become a little intimidated and nervous. After all, SculpSure is a laser based treatment, which utilizes the heat from the light of the lasers to melt away fat cells. Those things in and of themselves may sound slightly unnerving, but learning the science behind SculpSure’s technology can be a key to setting your mind at ease.

How Does It Work?

The concept behind SculpSure is, at its core, quite simple: fat cells are heated using light energy, they die, and your immune system organically removes them from your body. The light energy being utilized is infrared light, a term many are possibly familiar with. During treatment, SculpSure employs this light in the form of a laser beam at a wavelength of 1064nm. SculpSure uses specially designed applicators to allow the wavelength to pass through the skin and heat the fat cells beneath, without damaging the skin itself.

The lasers will pulse intermittently until the fat cells reach approximately 45°C, at which point, the cells begin to deteriorate. At around four weeks post-treatment, cells within your body called macrophages, which are responsible for digesting cellular debris remove the remains of the fat cells from the treatment area.

How Does It Feel?

If the tech talk doesn’t do anything to calm your nerves, sometimes an explanation of the sensation which accompanies the procedure is more effective. By and large, it is reported by patients that the treatment is comfortable, tolerable, or at its worst, only generates mild discomfort. Some describe it as a tingling sensation, and some compare it to the dichotomous hot/cold dermal reaction most often associated with topical cream used for muscle pain, although on a smaller scale. Those who did report any type of pain claimed that it was hardly worth mentioning, and that it was easily forgotten by distracting themselves through means of checking emails on their phone or reading a magazine.

How is Pain Managed?

It’s important to note, however, that our clinicians understand that every patient experiences the treatment differently, and that everyone has a unique pain threshold. That is why there are measures in place should any patient feel more irritation than they are comfortable with. With SculpSure’s specially designed applicators, included is a unique feature which allows the skin to be cooled as the treatment continues. This allows the patient’s skin to maintain a regulated and pleasant temperature as the fat cells beneath are heated. During treatment, the first few minutes will be spent with your doctor determining a level at which the treatment can proceed, based on your comfort.

As the laser pulses throughout the treatment, the laser will alternate between warming and cooling phases to preserve these levels. The heat during the cooling phases is still contained on a sub-dermal level, ensuring that the fat cells remain heated. If you have any further questions about SculpSure, how it works, or any other body-contouring procedures that may be suitable for you, please feel free to contact Dr. Torgerson’s clinic today by dialing (647)343-0207 to book a consultation. Allow us to set your mind at ease and aid you on your path towards your cosmetic goals.

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