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Fotona Piano Mode Laser Facial Rejuvenation

Fotona is the latest laser machine that is equipped with a powerful dual-wavelength system that treats a variety of skin conditions

One of the optimal ways to see the benefits of Fotona laser treatments is to receive Fotona 4D laser rejuvenation for the face. The third step in the 4-step 4D treatment protocol is Fotona’s Piano Mode for skin tightening and skin rejuvenation.

Piano Mode engages the skin to remodel and tighten over the course

How Does It Work?

Fotona Dynamis SP Piano Mode is a Nd:YAG laser setting that delivers controlled heat in long laser pulses to the skin. Nd:YAG lasers are non-ablative and initiate the process of skin remodelling in the skin by causing photothermal damage to the dermal layers of the skin. Fotona’s laser research provides evidence that consecutive passes of dermal heat injury cause increased activity in cellular metabolism and induce the process of neocollagenesis. Skin is remodelled over the course of a treatment program that usually consists of at least 6 treatments.

Nd:YAG laser is emitted into the skin using a Fotona proprietary hand piece to rapidly deliver laser beams to the subcutaneous tissue in the face and neck. Piano Mode engages the skin to remodel and tighten over the course of several treatments. Fotona ND:YAG is effective in reducing premature facial aging by producing increased collagen and elastin fibres to help rebuild the superficial layers of the skin. Photothermal damage increases activity in the skin cells and accelerates the rate of neocollagenesis by causing the skin to tighten and remodel to a firmer, smoother appearance. The increased heat temperatures initiate the hormesis cell reaction, also known as hormetic rejuvenation. The regeneration in hormesis is the process of the skin being exposed to mild stress-induced stimulation to assist in the repairing of cellular organisms in the treatment areas.

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What Are Treatments Like?

Fotona laser facial rejuvenation treatments with Piano Mode are comfortable and completely non-invasive. Laser technicians deliver 2 to 3 passes of the laser beam to the treatment area. The ND:YAG is a 1064 nm wavelength laser that pulses heat into the dermis to increase cellular activity. The practitioner may wait about 5 minutes between each pass for the patient’s added comfort. The epidermal cooler with the Zimmer Cryo cooling system is employed for a few minutes following Fotona laser facial-rejuvenation treatments. Laser facial rejuvenation treatments are often prescribed with a skincare regimen for the duration of the treatment program to achieve enhanced results.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Fotona laser facial-rejuvenation treatments are repeated every week for 2 to 3 weeks with a treatment plan that consists of at least 6 sessions to achieve the desired outcome.

Who is a Good Candidate?

People who are experiencing the early signs of premature aging in the face can see improved results in the quality of their skin with Fotona Piano Mode Laser facial rejuvenation treatments. This treatment can improve laxity in the skin of the face and neck by heating the dermal tissues, causing them to contract and remodel to reveal smoother, more resilient skin. Fotona Piano Mode laser treatments are an effective anti-aging procedure that combats the signs of aging in all adult male and female patients by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, tightening the skin, and decreasing surface irregularities like enlarged pores or a dull complexion.

If you are interested in Fotona Piano Mode facial laser rejuvenation treatments, contact our office to schedule your consultation.

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