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Laser Breast Lifting – FAQ – Part 2

Are Laser Breast-Lifting Procedures Painful?

Patients can expect mild to moderate heating of the breasts during Fotona laser breast-lifting procedures. The laser light uses thermal energy to increase the temperatures within the dermis to induce the remodelling effects of the Nd:YAG and erbium YAG laser. To help with your experience, your laser technician and clinical practitioner can provide pain remedy options if you have increased sensitivity to heat. Common pain solutions include topical numbing agents that contain lidocaine, anti-inflammatory injections like Tordal, and pain medications such as acetaminophen (Advil) and ibuprofen (Tylenol).

All discomfort associated with laser breast lifting should subside within an hour after treatment. Bulk heating within the tissue caused by laser breastlifting procedures can last several hours inside the dermis and should be mild without affecting daily activities like working, walking, eating, or exercising.

Fotona 4D laser technology, gently resurfaces, rejuvenates the skin

Are There Any Post-Treatment Side Effects?

Fotona laser breast lift procedures have minimal side effects after treatment. Some people may experience mild redness and/or swelling of the breasts. Other post-treatment symptoms include sensitivity of the breasts for a few hours after treatments or increased stimulation caused by increased cellular activity within the breast area with sensations like tingling, tenderness, and mild swelling. Most symptoms associated with laser breast-lifting procedures should subside within a few hours of receiving a treatment. All candidates for breast lifting procedures must avoid direct sun contact during the course of their laser breast-lifting procedures and can resume sun tanning or using tanning beds after they have completed their laser breast lifting treatment program.

How Drastic Are The Changes?

Laser breast lifting procedures produce natural-looking enhancements to the breast area over the course of several treatments. Patients who expect dramatic improvements to their breasts should consider surgically improving their breasts for the lifting of the breasts with procedures like a breast lift or increasing breast size with breast augmentation surgery.

Fotona laser treatments are completely non-invasive, with no downtime

Does Laser Breast Lifting Work On All Skin Types?

Fotona laser breast-lifting procedures can safely treat all skin types, including very fair, easily sunburnt skin and very dark/black skin. Fotona’s advanced dual-wavelength laser effectively increases temperatures underneath the skin without causing any harm to the surface of the skin. Fotona laser breast lifting procedures are not recommended on injured skin or breasts that have been augmented less than one year previously.

Can You Lose Nipple Sensation From Laser Breast Lift Procedures?

Fotona laser breast-lifting procedures should not cause any side effects to the nipple and areola area because those areas are not treated by the laser light during laser breast lift procedures. Patients who have surgical scars from breast augmentation procedures should also avoid directly treating their scars for at least 12 months before proceeding with laser breastlifting treatments to their breasts.

Can You Receive These Treatments If You Have Breast Implants?

Yes, laser breast lift procedures can be completed on females who have had their breasts augmented. Breast augmentation candidates are required to wait a full year until the breasts have fully healed before proceeding with laser treatments to their breasts. This ensures the safety of laser treatments to the new breast without risking any harm to the newly enhanced area of the body.

Can Men Receive Fotona Laser Breast-Lifting Procedures To Improve Gynecomastia?


Although women are the leading group of patients for laser breast-lifting procedures, male patients can also make great candidates for these procedures to help them reduce the appearance of gynecomastia. Laser breast lifting treatments can effectively reduce the signs and symptoms of mildly enlarged male breast tissue. Male patients can schedule an in-person assessment of their chest to see if they would benefit from laser breast lifting procedures.

Will Laser Breast Lifting Procedures “Melt” The Fat In My Breasts?

Laser breast-lifting procedures cause shrinking and tightening of the skin on the breasts. Loss of fat cells requires thermally induced temperatures of 42° to 45°C to be effective in reducing and/or eliminating the fat cells to the area. The lower heat temperatures with laser breast-lifting treatments are effective only in treating the superficial layers of the skin and do not affect the fat cells in the breast tissue. The tightening of the skin on the breast may cause the breast to appear smaller, but that is primarily caused by the tightening effects of the skin, not the shrinking of fatty tissue in the breasts.

Patients who are interested in laser breast-lifting procedures must have their breast tissue assessed by a qualified and experienced laser and skin specialist to determine whether they are ideal candidates for non-invasive laser skin tightening of the breast area.

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