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Nose Surgery Before and After

Quality nose surgery before and after photos authentically showcase a facial cosmetic surgeon’s skills, which can be priceless when it comes to making your own informed decision about rhinoplasty surgery.

Good photos can help a prospective client select the right cosmetic surgeon to perform their nose surgery and can help demonstrate results on the simplest of noses to the most complicated revisions. With the increase in social media, people around Canada have gotten used to the influence of photographs. Photos are a powerful tool and a prerequisite for anyone considering nose surgery. People simply expect them and, according to recent statistics, have become accustomed to shopping and making decisions about what they want based on images they see.

Consistent photo standards should be one of the key details that a client considers when browsing through the before and after photos of nose surgery specialists.

Rhinoplasty photo standarts

Here are a few tips that are important:

Lighting: The lighting in the before and after photos should be consistent to showcase the results accurately. Shadowed photographs, or the use of a flash in one and not the other, creates a before and after photo experience that doesn’t accurately depict the results in the best way.

Angle: The photos of the rhinoplasty before and the rhinoplasty after should closely match one another in the viewing angle. A realistic, quality presentation of the work done will have angles that are constant and accurate. Variations in the angles between the before and after photos can constitute manipulation or an effort to enhance perceived results.

Quality: Cosmetic surgery before and after photos need to be taken with a camera that is appropriate for the job. Grainy, low-resolution photos and off-centre, blurry images do not showcase rhinoplasty results very well.

A cosmetic surgeon who maintains quality standards in the before and after photos of nose surgery creates an environment for the prospective client to focus on the true results rather than on the visual differences between the 2 photographs

The Importance of surgery photos for a client

As a prospective patient, just remember that quality over quantity can be more important when viewing nose surgery photos. Good photographs will showcase the facial plastic surgeon’s work and consistent ones generate a confidence that the surgeon himself also does consistent, dependable work.

If you are interested in seeing more rhinoplasty before and after photos than what is showcased on this website, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Torgerson at our Toronto office. We have several patients who are comfortable with their image being shown in-office to prospective clients, but for various reasons, they prefer not to have their image online. The vast range of rhinoplasty before and after photos will be ideal in helping you see Dr. Torgerson’s work on individuals who had similar concerns to your own and enable you to make a confident decision in choosing your own expert surgeon for nose surgery.

In terms of browsing photographs and choosing your own cosmetic rhinoplasty surgeon, a photo may not be worth 1,000 words. It may be of priceless worth in your journey to achieving the look you desire.

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