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Toronto Surgeons Recommend Mentally Preparing for Best Rhinoplasty Results

The best rhinoplasty surgeons in Toronto have had years of experience treating patients from diverse backgrounds for a variety of cosmetic concerns.

From his wealth of experience, one of the best pieces of advice that Dr. Torgerson has to offer prospective rhinoplasty patients is to not only physically, but also mentally prepare themselves for this physical transformation to get the best results. Undergoing a rhinoplasty is a major decision that is often the culmination of months or years of research and planning. While making arrangements and planning for the procedure, many patients don’t realize how important mental preparation is as well.

How to Achieve the Most Favourable Results?

Life-changing Surgery

Since a nose job is a life-changing surgery, it’s completely natural to feel a little anxious prior to the procedure. Stress and fear may even lead to people to have sleepless nights leading up to their surgery. For your mental and physical health, it is very important to find a way to remain calm in the days and weeks leading up to your procedure. Many patients find activities such as praying greatly help them relax when expecting a big change. Massages, visualization techniques, and humour are also effective ways to lower stress and calm the nerves.

By remaining calm and maintaining a positive attitude, you’re giving yourself the best shot at a quick recovery with the most favourable results. Having a support system in place to help you in the days after your procedure can also help minimize anxiety. Dr. Torgerson is a well-known rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto. Peace of mind in his practice is a result of clear communication and visualization of facial changes.

How to Feel Less Stress?

Improving Your Appearance

Dr. Torgerson’s 3D Vectra imaging technology helps patients envisage the end result they can expect to see. This helps them feel less stress and more positive leading up to the procedure. Another great way to mentally prepare is to go into the surgery with realistic expectations. This means not only educating yourself about the process, but also understanding what cosmetic surgery can and can’t do. One of the most common characteristics of unsatisfied patients is that they held unrealistic expectations regarding the outcome. The key to avoiding disappointment is to understand that while a rhinoplasty can help improve your appearance, there are limitations to how your nose can be changed.

Lastly, understanding the time required for recovery is another important way to prepare for the best results. The key things to remember are that every patient heals uniquely and you must be patient. While the majority of healing and changes are seen in the initial weeks and months, in some cases it may take up to 2 years for the nose to settle into its final form.

If you think you need help to mentally prepare, the best Toronto rhinoplasty surgeon for you is one who will communicate openly, give you realistic expectations, and help you prepare for all of the changes you’re about to see.

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