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Nose Job Alternatives

What Can You Do Instead Of Rhinoplasty

The popularity of rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) has been on the rise in both Canada and the U.S. recently. While women remain in the lead as rhinoplasty patients and regarding other facial cosmetic procedures, demographic research shows that both women and men are increasingly pursuing nose-reshaping surgery in Toronto.

Trends show that the average age of rhinoplasty patients range anywhere between the teens to 55. Some have speculated that the previous social stigmas related to “nose jobs” are simply vanishing. The advent of social media has allowed patient stories and results to be shared worldwide. From Richmond Hill to Mississauga, rhinoplasty patients visit Dr. Torgerson because of the beautiful results they’ve seen online, from their friends, and in media. The outcomes have improved along with technology too, which means that stereotypical “overdone” rhinoplasty results are no longer the norm.

With advanced techniques come reduced risks, faster recovery, and greater customization, making nose reshaping in Toronto a customizable solution for a broader range of people. We’ll explain why rhinoplasty is still so popular, and we’ll shine the spotlight on a new, exciting option as well.

Nose Job Surgery

The reasons for choosing a nose job are numerous. Frequently, the decision is based on aesthetics — a desire to have a nose that is more visibly proportionate to the entire facial structure. Alterations designed to improve contours and symmetry or to modify dominant, disproportionate nasal features are considered cosmetic.

Rhinoplasty is not merely a cosmetic procedure, however. There are medical reasons why someone might seek nose reshaping surgery in Toronto as well. A deviated septum, congenital abnormalities, and damage caused by a disease such as cancer, sports injuries, or accidents are some of the reasons why someone may require a nose job. These issues can not only cause problems with appearance, but as in the case of a deviated septum, they can result in breathing difficulties for the person.

Whatever brings you to Toronto for nose reshaping surgery, there are some facts that we think you’ll find interesting.

Rhinoplasty Alternatives

The nose is a central, defining feature of a person’s face. For that reason, patients seek out the most experienced and skilled surgeon possible to ensure optimal results. Canada is well known for its rich ethnic diversity, and with that comes noses in every shape and size. The facial features of each of these ethnic groups present with unique challenges. Because nose-reshaping surgery in Toronto is one of the most complex facial procedures, you want to be sure you’re in the right hands. Dr. Torgerson is sought after as a teacher and surgeon across Canada because of his skilled artistry and in-depth knowledge of facial procedures like rhinoplasty. He performs ethnic rhinoplasty with a caring and customized approach.

Asian Rhinoplasty
Among Persian and European patients, the goal is often to make the nose smaller or less projecting. For Asian nose-reshaping surgery, it’s often the opposite. The aim is to increase some aspects of the nose, such as raising a relatively flat bridge. Other frequently made modifications are narrowing the nostrils or creating more definition in the nasal tip. The challenge for even the most experienced surgeon is to make sure that the result is consistent with the overall features of the person. Because Asian noses are known to have less cartilage, techniques that are commonly used for other ethnicities aren’t as easy or, in some instances, even possible. For this reason, it’s essential to choose an experienced surgeon who is aware of these crucial differences.
African-American Nose Jobs
There is a fine line between changing your ethnic uniqueness and making subtle aesthetic enhancements. In African-American nose-reshaping surgery, Toronto experts often focus on narrowing the nostrils or reducing the tip within proportion to the surrounding features. That’s achieved by using a small incision to cut out a wedge of skin on the inside of the nostril. The nasal tip can be reduced with micro-adjustments to create a harmonious result that still appears natural for the patient’s face.
Middle Eastern Nose Reshaping
People from the Middle Eastern countries may have over-projection of the nasal tip and a pronounced dorsal hump. It’s common for people from this ethnic group to alter their appearance through nose-reshaping surgery to achieve a softer, more balanced look while maintaining the unique structural nuances of this distinctive feature.
Septoplasty is done solely to correct a deviated septum or other medical conditions that impede airflow. A doctor can refer their patient to a facial plastic surgeon for this functional correction, and medical insurance may cover the cost. In many cases, people choose to alter cosmetic aspects of the nose along with a septum correction, making the procedure a septorhinoplasty.

Alternatives To Nose Job

Non-surgical nose reshaping used to be the domain of makeup contouring only. Tricks of light and shadow can make a nose appear straighter or more refined.

Would you be shocked to learn that you can have the shape of your nose changed within minutes? Commonly known as the “5-minute nose job”, injectable rhinoplasty is a non-surgical nose job using hyaluronic acid dermal filler to sculpt and enhance nose contours. Hyaluronic acid gel, which is cross-linked to hold a firm, resistant texture, can help reform the nose and feel natural to the touch. It gradually dissolves to be absorbed by the body over time. This natural sugar molecule is a hydrating substance that your body has in abundance.

Nose reshaping with filler must be repeated every 6 to 9 months to maintain it, so although this rhinoplasty cost is lower, it’s temporary, and fees will add up over time. It should be noted that dermal fillers and injectables cannot decrease the size of the nose. However, a skilled injector can create the look of an upturned tip, a straighter bridge, or smoothed bumps. These subtle changes are preferable for many people who are not yet ready for surgery. Also, if you like what you see, going with something permanent becomes an easier decision to make. Another plus to non-surgical rhinoplasty is that discomfort and recovery time are minimal. You can have it done on your lunch break, then return to your day.

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