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Rhinoplasty – Surgeon’s Tips for Best Results

When preparing for the best rhinoplasty in Toronto, surgeon selection is your first step to ensuring fantastic results.

Dr. Cory Torgerson is well known as a rhinoplasty expert. Here are some of Dr. Torgerson’s tips for getting the best results from your surgery. In preparation for your rhinoplasty, it’s best to get an early start so that you can avoid last-minute stress. Around 2 weeks before your procedure is scheduled, we recommend you have a friend or family member lined up to drive you home from the clinic after your procedure, since you will be unable to drive. It’s also recommended that you arrange for someone to stay with you for at least the first 24 hours after the surgery. When Dr. Torgerson’s rhinoplasty patients have someone to help out with day-to-day responsibilities such as groceries, childcare, and pet care, they report easier and stress-free recovery. Stocking up on prepared meals ahead of time can also help you stay relaxed during your recovery.

Nose Harmony with Facial Features

2 Weeks Before Surgery

Around 2 weeks before surgery, it’s very important that you stop drinking alcohol and smoking. Alcohol can have a thinning effect on the blood, which increases bruising, and chemicals in cigarettes decrease blood flow, which may impair healing.

Another important tip to remember before your procedure is to avoid taking aspirin or ibuprofen. Because many medications interfere with the blood’s ability to clot, they are risky to take before or immediately after a surgery. If you need pain medication in the 2 weeks before your procedure, it is advisable to take acetaminophen instead.

Many people use herbal supplements as part of their daily routine. However, the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Toronto will want to know what their patients have taken and advise them to stop most supplements because they can have negative consequences. Discuss medications and supplements with your rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto. The best prevention is preparation.

Recovery Period as Smooth as Possible

Patient-Centered Approach

A week before surgery, it’s a good idea to go shopping and ensure you have a few key items on hand. Laxatives or stool softeners are useful for some people because decreased activity, food intake, and medications can lead to constipation. Comfortable clothes, especially those that button or zip in front rather than go over the head, can help you avoid unnecessary discomfort and keep your new nose safe.
Since you will have to breathe through your mouth for the first few days, stocking up on lozenges, lip balm, and beverages is a good idea, as the mouth can become temporarily dry.

Dr. Torgerson prides himself on his meticulous and patient-centered approach to cosmetic surgery. Prior to any procedure, our clinic will provide an extensive list of instructions designed to make the recovery period as smooth as possible and ensure optimal results.

To get started, we welcome you to contact our clinic for a consultation today.

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