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Rhinoplasty, Social Media, and DIY — Where Are We Headed?

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you, like most people today, are well aware that cosmetic surgery is on the rise. To be fair, non-surgical enhancement procedures are also climbing in popularity among men and women of all ages. With millions of people choosing rhinoplasty, facelifts, Botox, and filler to help them look their best, the old social stigmas and taboos seem to be all but gone. But another trend is on the rise, and it doesn’t bode well for patient safety. Where are we headed when we combine rhinoplasty with social media and DIY?

The “do-it-yourself” culture, somewhat fuelled by homemade reality shows on platforms like YouTube, is a growing force to be reckoned with. We’re sure you often hear “Just Google it” in response to a “How do I do this?” type of question. Advancements in technology that we all possess in our smartphones now mean that people can upload a filmed procedure from anywhere in the world and be watched by millions instantly.

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Whether re-shingling your house, upholstering a chair, or building a backyard chicken coop, there’s a DIY video for it. Cosmetic surgeons have begun to post detailed procedure videos of their own surgeries as well. Everywhere from Snapchat to LinkedIn, you can find in-depth and uncensored videoblogs outlining exactly how a procedure is done. In the interest of education and sharing exciting, medical advancements, it’s understandable that medical professionals want to share. After all, their audiences love it, and the “likes” abound. So what could be the harm in that?

Where there’s money to be made, safety can be compromised

With the occasional frightening tale of non-medically licenced, uncertified individuals peddling unsafe procedures, there is always a concern that they could use such content as help to carry out their illicit business. After all, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

The advent of injectable rhinoplasty opened up facial enhancement possibilities for many people. However, sometimes inexperienced, unqualified people upload content depicting this procedure, and it poses the question of whether videos shared on social media make these treatments seem just a little too easy.


Essential Facts

Here’s what we want you to know:

  • Today’s rhinoplasty procedures are more advanced and fine-tuned than ever.
  • In the right hands, a skilled, specialized facial plastic surgeon can achieve incredible transformations using a wide variety of surgical techniques.
  • Recoveries are faster, and the outcomes are more personalized and nuanced than before.
  • All ethnicities, men, women, and various aesthetic needs can be addressed through nasal surgery.
  • Likewise, the non-surgical variant is an up-and-coming patient favourite with plenty of exciting benefits and comfortable, instant results.
  • Both rhinoplasty and injectables are relatively safe procedures that now offer reduced recovery times, minimized health risks, and little to no scarring. In the right hands.
  • Conversely, both surgical and even non-surgical techniques for facial enhancement can have severe health consequences if not handled properly.
Why would anyone seek less than expert, qualified surgical care?

The cost of rhinoplasty

It’s no secret that cosmetic procedures can be pricey. Whether you want dermal fillers to sculpt the nose temporarily or advanced surgical techniques to trim cartilage, bone, and skin, the fee will begin in the low thousands and move upward from there. While you can certainly shop around for a practitioner who offers both the credentials and the price that you’re seeking, we strongly recommend that you don’t settle for only the latter.

How complex is the nose anyway?
If you’ve seen nose injection techniques shared online, you might think the procedure looks pretty cool. We do too! It is fascinating to watch the thick, hyaluronic acid (HA) gel go into the target tissue areas via cannula and transform the shape and profile of a nose right before your eyes. HA fillers are 100% natural and last roughly 6 to 9 months. The gel feels somewhat soft once it has settled in, and it won’t be detectable as separate from your normal tissue. Filler contains lidocaine, so the process isn’t overly uncomfortable, and most people are surprised that it can take only 15 minutes!

What they may not realize is that their expert facial plastic surgeon makes it LOOK easy, but the science and anatomical knowledge behind the process is critical. Besides being incredibly vascular and sensitive, your nose has vital nerves and blood vessels running alongside it. There are “danger zones” throughout your facial anatomy that injectors are particularly cautious of. Arterial/venous occlusion or tissue death (necrosis) are extremely rare, yet they are real possibilities any time a needle full of filler is introduced to the critical areas.

Give yourself plenty of time to recover
Recovery time is just as essential to optimal outcomes as the hours spent prepping. It’s common for patients to ask, “How soon can I get back to normal?” Many busy people are in a rush to get back to everyday life, but rushing can set your recovery back. We highly recommend that you don’t try to cut the recovery time short. Think of the time off as a staycation and plan for a little extra help with household tasks so you can relax.

You’ll need to take at least one week off of work or school. Your gym routine or travel plans will have to wait as you give temporary swelling and bruising time to resolve. During that first week, your nose will be protected with a splint. You may experience normal effects like stuffiness, swelling, bruising, and possibly minor bleeding. Facial pressure can be frustrating, but with adequate pain management, most patients find the recovery process to be smooth.

Try to be patient with your body’s rate of healing. It will take 10 to 14 days for swelling and bruising to improve enough that you feel like your regular self. Your nose will continue to take shape over the first couple of months.

The time involved is one more great reason to choose a surgeon who you’re very comfortable with. Dr. Torgerson is committed to each patient’s recovery. Our clients have ongoing assessments included with their procedure, beginning with 24/7 access to expert support after surgery to continuous check-ups on the progress and ending with the celebration of the final outcome.

For a stress-free experience, we suggest that you focus on these three crucial aspects of nose job planning and recovery. If you’re considering rhinoplasty, Dr. Torgerson will be pleased to speak with you. We enjoy empowering people like you to make the changes they’ve always desired and feel fabulous about how they look. Contact Dr. Torgerson today, and let’s get started.

Dr. Cory Torgerson

Don’t settle for less than an expert

For people who have spent decades studying complex facial anatomy and the head and neck in particular, the network of important structures under your skin is as familiar to them as the back of their hand. A facial plastic surgeon specialized in head and neck surgery like Dr. Cory Torgerson will be completely aware of risks and how to avoid them while performing either a surgical rhinoplasty or an injectable one. In fact, the nose itself has such a complexity of structures within its cartilage, bone, and skin that the surgeons who perform the procedure often tend to specialize in just the face and nose.

Unfortunately, videos aren’t always shared with the accompanying information about risks and considerations. If they are, they can be edited, and the viewer may end up seeing just the easy, sculpting part. One of the flip sides of cosmetic surgery becoming more common is that people may not pay much attention to the real risks that are always present and important to be mindful of. Beginning with your choice of a licenced, well-educated, expert facial surgeon and continuing through follow-up care and assessment, the “who” and “how” of your procedure affects its safety.

The possibilities of enhancing your face are inspiring

Here’s the take-away: celebrating incredible advancements in the world of aesthetic medicine is positive and encouraging. It can be very helpful in educating people about techniques and outcomes using the technology that we have available today.

When carried out in qualified hands, your rhinoplasty or injection nose job is safer today than ever before. The number of happy patients requesting these procedures who are pleased with their results is growing.

It’s just as important that while you select a talented practitioner, you also be made aware of the inherent risks and how to minimize them as much as possible. It’s absolutely never safe to attempt a cosmetic procedure using incisions or injections at home or with an unlicensed, unqualified practitioner. There is also no Health Canada-approved, safe, and healthy option for facial filler besides the sterile and safety-certified HA dermal fillers like those we carry at the Torgerson Clinic. It’s not remotely safe to inject anything other than the recommended fillers in a safe, clean, professional setting.


The Clinic at Yorkville

This may be a sobering take on the fun of social media’s cosmetic sharing, but Dr. Cory Torgerson and the rest of us at the Torgerson clinic care deeply about patient education and safety. As professionals, we believe that all of us have a responsibility to the public to be mindful about the impression that video and photo content gives to people who may misunderstand safety and professional practice guidelines.

We’re thrilled that transformative, beautifying, and confidence-boosting treatments are more popular than ever, AND we want you to be safe. DIY? Stick to home decorating.

If you’d like to learn more about any procedure with no obligation, we invite you to book a consultation at the Torgerson Clinic. Gather the personalized and professional information you need to make the best decision for you. We’d love to meet you, so contact us today.

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