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Learn Why Nose Reshaping Without Surgery in Toronto Is So Tempting

Not long ago in Toronto, nose reshaping without surgery was possible only with contouring makeup. Thanks to advancements in aesthetic medicine, instant nose sculpting that lasts several months can be done right in the cosmetic surgeon’s office. To make a nose appear smaller, symmetric, or straight, you can undergo surgical rhinoplasty or reshape the nose without surgery. That’s why so many people find it tempting.

With the rise of injectable dermal fillers available in various consistencies, Toronto nose-reshaping surgeons have gained versatile, beautiful tools in their roster.

How does hyaluronic acid (HA) achieve nose reshaping without surgery?

Nose Reshaping without Surgery

The same injectable gel designed to add volume to cheeks and lips is available in soft, thin formulations and thick, highly cohesive gels. HA filler is made from a naturally occurring sugar that hydrates the body’s tissues. When its molecules are cross-linked together to create dermal filler, it stays where placed for several months or even up to 2 years. These thicker products can be injected under the skin of your nose to reshape it without surgery.

Do you have a crooked nose? A nasal bump? A downturned tip?

A skillful facial plastic surgeon who is experienced in the artistry of facial fillers can even create the impression that a nose is smaller in some cases, though they’ve added volume. It all comes down to the placement of contouring material that reshapes the nose from within.

How fast can you enhance your nose this way?

After a consultation, your nose reshaping without surgery could be done in as little as 15 minutes. That’s why it’s frequently referred to as a lunchtime nose job. Patients seeking the improvements mentioned above are often shocked and delighted by the instant change. Non-surgical rhinoplasty before-and-after photos are impressive right away, and there’s rarely notable swelling.

Nose-Reshaping Toronto

What’s the nose-reshaping procedure like?

If you’ve heard of a liquid rhinoplasty, you might be curious or confused about what exactly it involves. When you view quick Insta-videos of the procedure online, it may seem incredibly simple. Don’t be fooled. It is, but also isn’t. Your nasal anatomy holds several high danger zones that require careful handling. Selecting a certified facial plastic surgeon to augment this risky area is vital. There are nerves and critical blood vessels passing through various regions of nasal tissue, and you’ll need a practitioner with advanced training and extensive familiarity with facial anatomy. The sides and bridge of the nose are typically the safest places to add filler.

The process is pretty fun to watch, so the videos of nose reshaping without surgery are often shared, but the proper precautions may not be shared with them. Choose a rhinoplasty surgeon who takes adequate time to explain all the risks and considerations.

During the consultation, the patient will discuss their aesthetic goals and questions, and the surgeon will describe the treatment. The nose can be numbed with topical medication. HA dermal fillers have lidocaine in them, so the injection process is relatively painless. Once the gel is in place and sculpted to the desired shape, you’ll be free to go. That’s it.

Patients can expect a little sensitivity in the nose for 24 hours and will be advised not to press on or manipulate their nose for a few days while the product integrates.

Injectable Rhinoplasty Toronto

What does injectable rhinoplasty cost?

The answer to this depends on how you look at it. Initially, the cost for your non-surgical treatment will be roughly around $1,000 + applicable taxes. (Prices are subject to change over time.) Comparatively, rhinoplasty typically costs $10,000 plus applicable taxes. (Surgery costs are subject to change.) If a person cannot or doesn’t wish to invest in a permanent enhancement, the lower-priced, temporary solution is often a good one. Keep in mind that over time, if repeated every 9 months, dermal filler injection fees will add up.

Non-surgical Nose Job

Who’s a good candidate for a non-surgical nose job?

As amazing as the treatment is, nose reshaping without surgery doesn’t solve all of the problems that cause patients to seek rhinoplasty. When the reduction of cartilage and bone is desired, when the nasal tip and nostrils need significant narrowing or a nasal bump is very prominent, adding more volume to the area will do little to help. Likewise, a severely crooked nose or septum requires surgical intervention to be corrected. Injection rhinoplasty cannot improve breathing either.

The ideal candidate for an injection rhinoplasty is someone with a bump on the bridge or a low radix that needs building up. By filling the tissue around a bump, doctors create the illusion of a smoother, straighter contour.

The patients who are the most satisfied with injectable nose reshaping are people seeking a subtle change who understand that the improvements are temporary. You can expect the outcome to last roughly 9 months in most cases.

HA filler is an ideal option for some patients considering surgery because it allows a relatively low-cost, temporary trial run. Also, if the more prolonged recovery, higher cost, and risks of rhinoplasty are undesirable, nose reshaping without surgery could be right for you.

Dr. Torgerson, rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto, has achieved the highest credentials and surgical training possible in Canada. His dedication to facial plastic surgery has refined his technical and artistic skill extensively. Dr. Torgerson is known as an expert injector, and nose reshaping without surgery is one of the specialties offered at his Yorkville, Toronto, practice.

If you are interested in rhinoplasty or other facial cosmetic procedures, we invite you to schedule a no-obligation consultation to learn more about this in-demand method for nose reshaping. Without surgery or through custom rhinoplasty planning, we’ll be happy to create a personalized plan that suits you and your nose the best. Call, write, or come in and see us today.

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