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Nose Job Reviews and Rhinoplasty Reviews Might Not Tell You These 7 Essential Things

Does reading Toronto rhinoplasty reviews tell you everything you need to know? Whenever you’re considering trying something for the first time, whether it’s a new coffee shop, restaurant, or doctor’s office, the first thing you’ll likely check is the customer reviews. The same goes for choosing a facial surgeon to perform your nose job.

Nasal surgery is a challenging procedure that can transform your look for the better when it’s done well. You’ll want a surgeon who has years of experience successfully performing rhinoplasties. You might begin your search by reading rhinoplasty Toronto reviews to see if there is a particular surgeon who stands out.

Rhinoplasty Toronto Reviews

Dr. Cory Torgerson

Rhinoplasty Toronto Reviews

Reviews of Toronto rhinoplasties can give you vital information like the demeanour of a surgeon or how satisfied their patients were with results. However, there are a few essential things that you won’t learn about the procedure just by reading rhinoplasty reviews online. And some of them might even mislead you.

7 essential things to know when reading feedback from other patients

Toronto Rhinoplasty Reviews

1. The goal of rhinoplasty isn’t to give you a “perfect” nose
Perfect noses don’t exist. The completely symmetrical noses you’ve seen in magazines are often airbrushed to look that way. What rhinoplasty reviews won’t tell you is that the point of a nose job in Toronto is not to seek perfection, but to improve the overall appearance of your nose. For example, a nose job can correct an overly large bump in your bridge or change the shape to make it narrower.

Before undergoing a rhinoplasty, manage your expectations so you won’t be unnecessarily disappointed. Just because you bring in a photo of the nose you’re hoping for, that doesn’t mean your surgeon can give you that exact nose. The way your final results look depends on factors like your cartilage, the thickness of your skin, and the nasal structures you have. An expert facial surgeon will also ensure that your improvements suit your face for a harmonious outcome.

If you want to imagine your results, you can ask to see before and after photos of patients who have similar issues and physical features. Some physicians can even show you a projected outcome using 3D digital imaging.

2. You might be initially disappointed when your new nose is revealed
Toronto rhinoplasty reviews sometimes state that a patient was horrified by how their nose looked the day after surgery. Sometimes people write about their “outcome” long before they’ve had a chance to see it. It can take weeks to months before the swelling goes down to reveal your beautiful results. Inflammation just after surgery can be significant, and as your nose job recovery progresses, changes will settle and refine where they should.

Right after surgery, the first thing you will probably notice is a change in profile, especially if you’ve had your nose bridge reduced. But other improvements won’t be fully appreciated. Don’t be discouraged! Take care of yourself, wait it out, and hold off on judging until your surgeon tells you that swelling has resolved. Most patients are delighted with the enhancements they see after their nose heals.

3. You’ll need to wear a visible bandage or cast after surgery
Rhinoplasty reviews generally talk about overall patient satisfaction, not the nitty gritty details of rhinoplasty recovery. One thing to note is that you’ll be bandaged and temporarily bruised after surgery. Bandaging is typically required to stop your bones from shifting and manage the swelling. You might need a splint to keep things in place and protect your nose for at least a week. Then a light bandage could be worn for a few more days.
4. If you wear eyeglasses, you’ll need to avoid them for a month after your operation
The bridge of the nose takes time to heal, and glasses and sunglasses can put pressure on the bridge, causing indentations. Some doctors recommend staying away from eyewear for up to 6 weeks post-op. If you absolutely need to wear glasses during that time, you might be able to use a nasal splint to avoid affecting the contours of your nose.
5. You might experience alterations to your voice or your breathing
There are various types of nose surgery, and rhinoplasty isn’t always strictly cosmetic. Nose surgery can also target nasal airway function. Some patients undergo a septoplasty, which aims to correct breathing issues caused by a deviated septum. In rare cases, the nasal airways can be negatively affected during the procedure, which might leave you feeling more congested than usual. To correct the problem, surgeons can perform a rhinoplasty revision to restore nasal support.

Another rare possibility that can occur after the surgery is a subtle difference in your voice. If you had a nasal-sounding voice before surgery due to breathing issues, a rhinoplasty could modify that nasal quality.

6. It’s possible to have an almost painless rhinoplasty
Rhinoplasty reviews will sometimes mention how uncomfortable patients found their recovery to be. Be sure to compare general responses rather than focusing on individual anecdotes. Every person’s expectations, procedure, and recovery experience will be different. While some people feel sensitivity and discomfort after surgery, many experience little to no pain at all. Swelling and pressure in the face can feel annoying. Most describe this as a temporary inconvenience and not fun, but not overly painful either. An expert rhinoplasty surgeon will ensure that any inflammation is well managed and that you know exactly what to expect so that you don’t feel unnecessarily anxious.
7. Non-surgical rhinoplasty is available
If you wish to make only subtle changes to your nose, your surgeon may be able to help you find a non-surgical solution to your problem. Dermal fillers can improve the profile of your nose by addressing small bumps and slight asymmetry. The only difficulty is that fillers reabsorb over time, so don’t expect lifelong results. The best way to improve your nose in the long term is through rhinoplasty surgery.

The bottom line is that while rhinoplasty reviews of Toronto surgeons are generally helpful, they shouldn’t be your only source of information. Be sure to address any concerns you have throughout the process so that there will be no surprises. We suggest that you arrive at your first consultation prepared with a list of questions and that you learn as much as you can before surgery.

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