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Planning a Rhinoplasty? 3 Must-Know Factors That Affect Results

Have you been thinking of undergoing rhinoplasty in Toronto to enhance your features? Nasal surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures worldwide because it can truly transform a person’s face and skyrocket their confidence. Maybe you’re someone who always wondered how a nose job would improve your appearance, and you’re ready to start the process. If you’re planning a rhinoplasty, then you need to check out these 3 must-know factors that affect results below.

Although you should be feeling excited to begin this journey, you may have plenty of questions and concerns as well. “Nerves” are normal and expected with any cosmetic procedure. A quick search online could drum up anecdotal tales of what can go wrong, but we encourage you to share your questions and get factual, expert answers directly from your facial cosmetic surgeon.

Rhinoplasty Results

To help you prepare, we’re highlighting 3 of the key elements of an optimal rhinoplasty.

Quick facts about the procedure:

  • Rhinoplasty definition:
    A facial cosmetic surgery performed by making modifications to nasal cartilage, bones, or tissue to improve the appearance of the nose
  • Other reasons for nasal surgery:
    Rhinoplasty isn’t always requested for cosmetic reasons. For example, it can be used to help fix structural problems like fractures or a deviated septum (septoplasty).
  • How much does nose enhancement cost?
    The average cost for rhinoplasty depends on the technique performed, but is usually between $6,000 and $13,000. Note that prices are subject to change.
  • Is a nose job painful?
    The procedure is not known to be especially painful, but you should expect to be a little inconvenienced and take time off.

Rhinoplasty Toronto

What factors can affect rhinoplasty results?

We want you to enjoy a more functional nose along with beautifully balanced facial features. There are plenty of personalized details to discuss with your surgeon, but these 3 things are critical:

1. Choose an expert rhinoplasty surgeon
To ensure that you receive the outcome you want and expect, choose the best cosmetic surgeon for the job. For rhinoplasty, you’ll want a specialist rather than a general cosmetic surgeon. Rhinoplasty is complex and requires in-depth knowledge and practice experience, so it’s not enough to have basic credentials. Surgeons will often focus on a few preferred procedures and be recognised for performing one or more very well. In the case of your rhinoplasty, you’ll want an expert who understands the intricacies of all types of nose adjustments and can avoid common pitfalls.

Dr. Cory Torgerson is accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and possesses advanced training as an otolaryngologist and facial plastic surgeon. His entire practice is devoted to procedures for the head and neck. Adept in both surgical and non-surgical techniques, his innovations and leading-edge surgical skills make him highly sought after by patients and colleagues across the nation.

Dr. Torgerson is particularly well known for his individualized attention to detail and patient concerns. His aim is never just to change a physical feature, but to partner with the client in revealing a naturally harmonious aesthetic result that increases confidence and leads to long-term satisfaction.

2. Your initial consultation is just as meaningful as the surgeon you choose
Your first appointment is vital to the success of your nose enhancement. That is when you’ll get to ask all your questions and express any concerns that you have. You’ll also be able to gauge your comfort level with the staff and the facilities. Make sure that you feel heard and that you’re welcome to clarify details or share concerns.

At your consultation, you’ll meet one-on-one with your surgeon, who will fully examine your nose. Then they’ll recommend a plan specifically tailored to your needs. You can request to see before and after images of previous patients. Sometimes people decline to share their photos online for privacy reasons, but your surgeon can share before and after examples in the office.

When you meet with Dr. Torgerson, you’ll experience Vectra 3D imaging technology, which simulates potential outcomes and helps him design the best approach for each patient. Dr. Torgerson strives to make clients feel heard and values the opportunity to share the detailed information that a person needs to make an informed decision.

Don’t be afraid to write down questions ahead of time. It’s easy to forget things in the moment. Our consultations are without obligation to book a procedure, and you can always follow up for further clarification if you need to.

3. Give yourself plenty of time to recover
Recovery time is just as essential to optimal outcomes as the hours spent prepping. It’s common for patients to ask, “How soon can I get back to normal?” Many busy people are in a rush to get back to everyday life, but rushing can set your recovery back. We highly recommend that you don’t try to cut the recovery time short. Think of the time off as a staycation and plan for a little extra help with household tasks so you can relax.

You’ll need to take at least one week off of work or school. Your gym routine or travel plans will have to wait as you give temporary swelling and bruising time to resolve. During that first week, your nose will be protected with a splint. You may experience normal effects like stuffiness, swelling, bruising, and possibly minor bleeding. Facial pressure can be frustrating, but with adequate pain management, most patients find the recovery process to be smooth.

Try to be patient with your body’s rate of healing. It will take 10 to 14 days for swelling and bruising to improve enough that you feel like your regular self. Your nose will continue to take shape over the first couple of months.

The time involved is one more great reason to choose a surgeon who you’re very comfortable with. Dr. Torgerson is committed to each patient’s recovery. Our clients have ongoing assessments included with their procedure, beginning with 24/7 access to expert support after surgery to continuous check-ups on the progress and ending with the celebration of the final outcome.

For a stress-free experience, we suggest that you focus on these three crucial aspects of nose job planning and recovery. If you’re considering rhinoplasty, Dr. Torgerson will be pleased to speak with you. We enjoy empowering people like you to make the changes they’ve always desired and feel fabulous about how they look. Contact Dr. Torgerson today, and let’s get started.

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