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What Is The Healing Process After Nose Surgery?

Once a person has made the decision to undergo a rhinoplasty, it is normal for them to feel excitement about the upcoming transformation in their appearance.

An understanding of the healing process that will take place after surgery is necessary, and a good plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Cory Torgerson, will want to ensure that their patients are prepared. It is important for clients to know that nose surgery is one of the facial cosmetic procedures that takes the longest time to heal.

Dr. Torgerson will make sure that your healing process is as comfortable as possible

An understanding of the healing process

Immediately following surgery, packing will be inserted inside the nose, and a splint or cast will be placed around it to maintain its new shape and protect the nose from being accidentally bumped. Dr. Torgerson will prescribe pain medication to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible, as well as antibiotics to guard against infection. The framework of a nose is made up of tiny bones, cartilage, and membranes. They are so delicate that the manipulation and alteration of surgery will cause swelling. Rhinoplasty patients can also expect to have bruising around the eyes, cheeks, and nose. The most swelling will occur during the first 3 to 4 days, but Dr. Torgerson will leave the splint on for 1 week. Cool compresses applied gently during this period may help to reduce swelling. Swelling and bruising will continue to dissipate over the coming days.

If you are concerned that some of the symptoms you are experiencing are abnormal, the doctor gives all patients his personal cell phone number. He wants to alleviate their fears and ensure that their post-op recovery is a positive experience.

Receive the nose you’ve always dreamed of

Healing Time

The healing process is aided when patients keep their heads as still as possible and minimize movement. Physical activities such as sports and working out at the gym are not advised for several weeks up to a least 1 month post-op. Elevating your head while sleeping is necessary for at least 1 week, but preferably several weeks, as this will reduce blood flow to the head and the risk of excess bleeding. Depending on the type of nose surgery, eyeglasses may not be worn for several weeks.

Although Dr. Torgerson advises that his patients take 1 week from their schedules to heal, he prefers that they take 2 weeks. It is important to guard the nose against any accidental bumps; therefore, minimal contact with other people may be necessary. Even after returning to their normal routine, people who have had a nose job should stay out of the sun and use hats or sunscreen to protect themselves.

The tip of the nose is the portion that takes the longest to heal with defining subtleties and may require a full year before the final outcome. This should not discourage rhinoplasty patients, as it is usually only themselves and Dr. Torgerson who would notice this. Also, there are many variables involved in the rate that individuals heal. One person may heal much faster than another.

To ensure you receive the nose you’ve always dreamed of, it makes sense to choose not only a certified facial cosmetic surgeon, but an internationally acclaimed rhinoplasty expert like Dr. Cory Torgerson.

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