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Rhinoplasty: Natural-Looking Revision Is Possible

Rhinoplasty surgery, more commonly referred to as a”‘nose job”, is becoming increasingly popular among a wide selection of the population

Men and women of all ages are undergoing rhinoplasty to achieve a more attractive, proportional nose that enhances the overall appearance of the face.

Advances in surgical techniques and the consideration of aesthetics have made rhinoplasty much more predictable than ever before. Highly qualified rhinoplasty surgeons certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada use 3D imaging and augmentation techniques that lead to natural-looking results where the new shape, size, and contour of the nose fit harmoniously with the overall shape of the face.

What to consider for natural-looking results

Minor changes can make a big difference

Most candidates for rhinoplasty are actually not far off from their “ideal” nose. Closed surgery addresses minor concerns from within the nose itself, resulting in fewer possible complications and a shorter recovery time.

Ethnic rhinoplasty is not cookie-cutter surgery

Many people believe that their nose looks too “ethnic”, but it is important to keep in mind that the nose needs to match the overall structure and features of the entire face. Addressing the precise feature that seems too exaggerated such as an obvious hump, hook, or overly large nostrils should be specific to the individual and not based on a model of some imagined ideal.

Working with what is there

Along with having realistic expectations, it is important to consult with a surgeon who is not interested in creating something new. Instead of grafting and making significant changes, it is best to work with the existing structure of the face and nose to achieve natural-looking results. Trying to change too much can result in damaging the underlying structures of the nose, which may lead to a sagging bridge or collapsed tip.

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You can achieve a more pleasing appearance and enjoy peace of mind

Remember, the nose is for breathing

Simply put, your nose is not an accessory that can be changed to fit a particular style. The purpose and function of the nose is for breathing, and that can be impaired if rhinoplasty surgery is too aggressive.

Rhinoplasty is a long lasting decision

Unlike most other elective cosmetic procedures, the results of rhinoplasty are considered to be rather long-lasting. Age, weight gain and other factors may change over time, so working with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon is important. A truthful surgeon with a background in aesthetics will be able to perform changes that will continue to match your facial structure over time.

Non-surgical options may be all you need for the most natural appearance

Dermal fillers are now used frequently for minor corrections that can improve slight imperfections in the appearance of a nose without the need for surgery. It is possible to build up the bridge, correct unevenness or concavities, add dimension, improve the shape of the tip, and even smooth out or straighten a nasal hump using fillers.

Consult Dr. Cory Torgerson, one of the leading rhinoplasty surgeons in Toronto, to learn more about the options available for rhinoplasty surgery.

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