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Recovery Time after Laser Skin Therapy

When choosing the laser skin therapy treatment that will provide you with the results you desire, it is beneficial for you to understand all aspects of the laser treatment.

Topics like what you can do to prepare for the treatment, what will take place during the appointment, and the amount of time needed for recovery are all important. The healing process is different for everyone, and there are many variables involved, but there are general timelines that you can expect.

ClearLift laser skin therapy rejuvenates the complexion, tightens the skin, and stimulates the formation of collagen. This type of procedure allows you to walk into the clinic, receive the treatment in less than half an hour, and walk out! Your skin will feel tighter and may look slightly pink because of the stimulation of the laser heat, but there is no recovery time, which is why it is a popular laser skin treatment.

Producing A Glowing Complexion

Recovery Time Variations

AFT laser therapy, advanced IPL laser treatment, is able to smooth out fine lines around the mouth and eyes, address superficial acne scars, produce a glowing complexion, and activate collagen growth. Your skin will feel tight, as if you’ve been in the sun, and may swell slightly and appear red. The majority of people are able to return to their normal schedule immediately, but 1 to 3 days off may allow you to feel more comfortable prior to going out in public.

iPixel erbium and CO2 laser use more intense heat. Therefore, the facial results are more evident and pronounced. Both of these skin rejuvenation techniques reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles by providing a smoother skin surface and better texture and tone, minimizing facial imperfections and leaving the client with a fresh, vibrant complexion. Because the top layer of skin has been removed, recovery time is longer, as the new layer of skin requires time to heal. Following laser skin therapy, it is normal for the face to feel hot. This can be alleviated with cold cloths and ice packs. The skin will appear red and may swell and look inflamed. iPixel erbium laser usually requires 3 to 5 days for recovery time, and CO2 fractionated laser requires 5 to 7 days.

Exact Instructions Will Be Given To All Laser Treatment Patients

Post-treatment Directions

Following post-treatment directions will greatly minimize the healing process. Dr. Torgerson will prescribe antibiotics to guard against infection and possibly an anti-inflammatory pain medication. Rinsing the face with cool water is necessary to remove the old skin as it peels off. A gel similar to Vaseline will need to be applied to keep the new skin moist and protected. Because the face will be sensitive, patients are advised not to use soap or perfumed creams. Other suggestions for the recovery period are propping yourself up with an extra pillow to elevate the head. This will reduce unnecessary blood flow to the face. Also, hot baths, saunas, and sunbathing are not recommended! The beautiful results that have been achieved with any facial laser therapy will last longer if the client stays out of the sun and uses sunscreen when outdoors. Exact instructions will be given to all laser treatment patients.

Although recovery time is necessary with most laser skin therapy, the incredible results that laser can achieve warrant the healing process.

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