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Chemical Peels Vs. Laser Treatment: Is One Better Than The Other?

To anyone who has had to deal with pimples, they know that the acne scarring that is left behind in the affected area is more damaging to a person’s long-term appearance than anything.

Dealing with these bothersome scars never ends, because they are hard to cover up with makeup. Two methods have become prominent in addressing acne scarring – chemical peels and laser treatments. Determining which one is better for you depends on a few characteristics of these treatment types.

Which Is The More Effective Treatment: Laser Or Chemical Peels?

Chemical Peels or Laser Treatments?

Though it might be obvious to some which one they prefer, there is a lot of misinformation out there as to which is the more effective treatment: laser or chemical peels. When it comes to acne scarring, no matter how deep the discoloration or damage, laser treatments and chemical peels both are effective ways to address these skin issues. Chemical peels are preferred by many people because they are the traditional option and have been used by decades. Meanwhile, laser is considered by many experts to be the far more reliable treatment method, able to target skin in a much more precise manner.

Why Chemical Peels Might Be Right for You

Chemical peels are an effective way at removing discoloration. However, the range of chemical peels means that the effectiveness can vary. Glycolic acids, for example, treat only the surface of the skin. Meanwhile, other chemical peel ingredients such as lactic acid and/or trichloroacetic acid are far more intense.

Chemical peels work by breaking apart the skin, removing the old cells and bringing up the newer cells, thereby leaving less discoloration and ultimately, softer skin. The difficulty with chemical peels is that they often require multiple treatments and long recovery times before even a noticeable difference is seen. The severity of the damage done with some chemical peels leave them as a last resort to some professionals, rarely recommended to patients due to the amount of time it takes to recover.

Why Laser Treatment Might Be Right for You

By far, the most effective treatment for depressed scarring is laser treatment, which provides the benefits of a chemical peel, but on a significantly reduced recovery time period. A patient undergoing laser treatment does not face the same downtime as they would with a chemical peel.

Compared to a chemical peel, which affects a wider area of skin, a laser can make miniscule points of damage. While chemical peels focus on damaging the skin cells across a larger surface area to stimulate recovery, laser treatments are a safer way to stimulate natural cell growth, particularly as it relates to collagen. Even with the types of scarring that are most difficult to treat, laser treatments are so careful that any injury to the skin is minor and temporary, while the healing process is sped up significantly.

So Which One Is Better?

Different doctors might argue the merits of chemical peels or laser peels, depending on their perspective. Questioning both techniques based on safety, reliability, and uniformity of results often leads to the same understanding. That is, laser treatments are more accurate, safer, and arguably more effective than chemical peels while also minimizing downtime. With laser treatments, a patient does not need to worry about a chemical peel penetrating deep enough, doing unintentional damage, and/or leading to complications.

If you are looking for more information on whether chemical peels or laser treatments are more appropriate for your skin condition, please contact Dr. Torgerson today, (647)343-0207. Speaking with one of Toronto’s top laser treatment specialists, Dr. Torgerson will be able to recommend the most appropriate treatment plan for you.

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