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Laser Scar Removal and Treatment Info

There is good news for anyone who has facial scars and is looking for a treatment option to remove the scars!

You no longer have to put up with them the rest of your life! Scars that were once thought to be long lasting can be minimized and in some cases completely removed due to the advancement of laser skin resurfacing. Whether the scar is the result of a car accident, a blow to the face, or acne from adolescent puberty, incredible improvements to facial texture and surface is now achievable.

Laser Has Been Used For Cosmetic And Aesthetic Purposes For Many Years

Successful Laser Operations

While many people know that laser has been used successfully to conduct operations, they don’t know that it has been used for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes for many years as well. There are several types of effective laser therapies, and each one is used to address different types of scarring. If the damage is minimal and only affects the surface of the skin, an AFT laser penetrating heat to underlying skin tissues causes the uneven surface texture to become smoother and tighter. If the scarring reaches deeper layers of tissue, iPixel erbium or CO2 laser treatments can be administered to the surface of the skin. The heat eliminates the old layer of skin, promoting a fresh new layer underneath to be generated with beautiful texture and tone.

It is rare for scar removal (especially deep marks) to be effective with just one laser session. A consultation with Dr. Cory Torgerson enables you to learn what you can do prior to therapy to prepare your skin to receive the full benefit of the laser treatment. Following his after-care instructions will optimize your results as well.

A Laser Treatment Can Be Accomplished In a Short Amount of Time

Vivier Skin Care Products

Laser therapy is more successful if the skin cells are healthy. Dr. Torgerson advocates the use of Vivier skin care products and makes them available at his facial cosmetic clinic in Yorkville. Vivier’s active ingredients are more concentrated than regular creams available at pharmacies, and for 20 years, the company’s formulas have successfully targeted the health of the skin. Beautiful, vibrant skin also begins internally, and Dr. Torgerson also recommends taking the nutritional supplement GliSODin prior to laser treatments. GliSODin contains the “enzyme of life”, which is known to rid the body of free radicals and enable skin tissues to heal faster.

A laser treatment can be accomplished in a short amount of time. AFT-IPL laser therapy can be completed in 30 minutes, and CO2 laser therapy can be completed simply and easily with a patient under conscious sedation. Your normal schedule can be resumed immediately following the AFT-IPL skin rejuvenation procedure, whereas iPixel erbium laser treatments or CO2 laser therapy will require 3 to 7 days of downtime.

What Dr. Torgerson Recommends?

Prior to treatment, Dr. Torgerson recommends taking a couple of Tylenol. A topical ointment is sufficient for AFT laser and conscious sedation, or complete sedation is available for the more intense laser methods.

Reducing facial scarring is definitely possible, although some resolution on the part of the client is necessary. Dr. Torgerson is more than willing to answer all your questions and concerns. He and his certified RNs will walk through the process with you to make it a successful and rewarding experience.

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