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Commonly Asked Questions About Laser Skin Tightening

Minimally invasive and non-surgical, laser skin tightening is a procedure using laser light in the infrared spectrum to heat up the collagen that lays underneath the skin.

This process promotes the development of further collagen and is among the few natural ways to tighten up the facial skin. For example, for individuals with sagging skin around the jaw and neck region, laser skin tightening is highly recommended.

Laser Skin Tightening FAQs

What Does the Procedure Feel Like?
The average laser skin-tightening procedure lasts around 45 minutes. This begins by applying a numbing cream to the face, minimizing any discomfort experienced during the procedure. Then a laser is gently glided across the skin, heating up the collagen as needed. As the skin undergoes its recovery process, the skin will gradually tighten, creating a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance in time.
Will I See Results Immediately?
Though there will be some differences seen immediately after the first treatment, the most dramatic results are typically seen after the second or third treatment. Patience is key when it comes to this treatment or any other form of invasive or non-invasive facial cosmetic treatment. It takes time!
How Many Treatments Are Required?
Though it varies from one individual to another, in most cases, a series of up to 4 or 5 treatments is recommended.
How Often Should I Get Laser Skin Tightening Done?
A series of treatments are performed on a monthly basis. They are typically spaced apart between 3 to 4 weeks.
How Soon Can I Return to My Regular Routine After Treatment?
You may return back to work immediately following treatment. This is one of the most amazing benefits of laser skin tightening.
Does Laser Skin Tightening Work for Everyone?
Laser skin tightening works on approximately 90% of all individuals. In some cases, the treatment is not recommended due to any number of issues that should be evaluated in the initial consultation process.
Can This Laser Treatment be Combined with Others?
Yes, laser skin tightening can be combined with other treatments, depending on the skin type and the results sought. Always consult a healthcare professional prior to committing to any treatment, ensuring that what you have in mind is compatible.
Is There Anything I Should Know About After the Procedure?
Always remember to wear sunblock after any laser procedure and continue to strictly adhere to sun protection to prevent any additional damage to your skin. Other than ensuring that your skin is being appropriately protected from the sun, there is not much more to take into consideration following a procedure.
Can I Continue to Use Facial Care Products After?
Absolutely. There is nothing preventing you from using your usual moisturizers, cleansers, and any other facial care products. To ensure that the health of your skin is being protected, just remember to keep your skin healthy and try not to change products too often.

If you are looking for more information on laser skin tightening and/or do not see your question answered here, please contact Dr. Torgerson (647)343-0207. Speaking with one of Toronto’s top laser skin tightening treatment specialists, Dr. Torgerson would be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have. Through a thorough consultation, Dr. Torgerson can provide a thorough skin assessment and can advise on the most appropriate treatment options for what you want to achieve.

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