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Advantages & Disadvantages of a Laser Face Lift

There is no doubt that laser technology is gaining popularity at facial cosmetic surgery clinics all over the globe.

The results of new laser advancements are proudly displayed on the faces of both men and women who are happily defying the aging process. There are definite advantages as well as disadvantages when substituting laser technology for traditional facial cosmetic surgery. A complete understanding of both will enable any potential client to make an informed decision as to which laser procedure would best suit their needs, including if the non-surgical laser face lift is right for you.

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Dr. Cory Torgerson’s goal in performing either a traditional facelift or one of his laser treatments is the same. He desires to minimize the effects of aging as much as possible by targeting the areas of the face that are most susceptible to the aging process. Fine lines around the eyes or mouth as well as sagging jowls are usually the areas of the face that cause the most concern. By tightening the skin and minimizing the lines, the inevitable results of getting older are curtailed. Patient requests are also taken into account, as some patients simply prefer a non-surgical facelift approach over a surgical facelift.

One advantage to using laser technology is the amount of time required for recovery. Most laser treatments are non-invasive and require little or no downtime, whereas a traditional facelift would necessitate taking 10 days to 2 weeks off of work.

Another advantage of a non-surgical face lift to offset the effects of aging is the cost. It is a much cheaper alternative compared to undergoing a facial cosmetic face lift. This is because it can be performed by only one professional rather than a surgical team and does not require an operating facility (although Dr. Torgerson’s private surgery centre has achieved the highest rating offered by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO).

All of the laser treatments available at Dr. Torgerson’s Yorkville laser clinic can be administered without being completely sedated. The use of a local anaesthetic or a topical solution is usually sufficient to offset any discomfort.

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Laser technology is also an excellent alternative if the client is concerned about superficial or medium-depth wrinkles. If the aging process has progressed to an extent where the wrinkles are deep and sagging skin is exorbitant, the only alternative would be to undergo a traditional facelift surgery.

A disadvantage to laser treatment is the amount of time the procedure lasts before another one is required. With advanced flourescence technology (AFT) – the next-generation intense pulsed light (IPL) laser treatment – annual maintenance is recommended to sustain its effects. CO2 laser treatments have had measurable results for up to 5 years’ time. The results of traditional face lift surgery is considered long lasting and will last much longer outside of regular, continued aging.

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